Where To Find Cosmic Chests In Fortnite?

Cosmic chests in Fortnite are a brand new addition. They are like the legendary chests that we saw during the previous season.

There's a good part and a bad part about these chests. The good part is that these chests contain really good loot. They also contain a set of alien artifacts if you manage to open the chest successfully.

But then again, there are drawbacks to these chests as well. We'll come to that in a bit.

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Where to find cosmic chests in Fortnite?

Truth be told, there isn't a specific spawn location for these chests. They spawn near named POIs on the map.

However, their spawn locations are very random. And if they spawn, everyone in the vicinity of these chests will be notified.

To top it off, you won't find these chests while playing solo. They only spawn when you're playing in a group.

That being said, here are the approximate spawn locations of the Fortnite cosmic chests.

  • Weeping Woods – There is a small wooden shack in the area. That's where you will find this chest spawning.
  • Boney Burbs – Right at the centre of the POI.
  • Coral Castle – The chest here is at the farthest corner of the map. You'll find it spawning on the islands to the west of the POI.
  • Pleasant Park – Slightly towards the east of the area, in the
  • Steamy Stacks – You need to travel towards Dinky Dish in order to find this cosmic chest.
  • Lazy Lake – in the surrounding area
  • Misty Meadows – This chest spawns towards Yellow Steel Bridge.
  • Believer Beach – You will find a cosmic chest in between Red Steel Bridge and Flopper Pond.
  • Holly Hedges – Close to the trees to the east.
  • Retail Row – Towards the south of this area.
  • Catty Corner – Close to Bunker Jonesy's shack.

And those are the tentative locations where you could find a cosmic chest in Fortnite. Now that you've found these chests, how do you open them.

How to open cosmic chests in Fortnite?

This is a slightly tricky bit. First of all, you need to have a team in order to open this chest. And secondly, there's a timer within which you need to open the chest.

Finally, all the members in the team need to be alive in order to open the chest.

If you've met all the requirements in the checklist above, you can open the chest. When you approach a cosmic chest in Fortnite, you will notice that one member of your team has a pink lazer on them.

The one with the pink lazer on them needs to strike the chest with their pickaxe. Once you've done that, you will notice that the lazer changes. Whoever has the lazer on them needs to strike the chest.

If someone else does it, they will be knocked away from the chest. If you get the pattern right, the chest should open up in an instant.

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