Where To Find Alien Hologram Pads in Fortnite

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The alien hologram pad in Fortnite are quirky little additions to the game. They don't serve much of a purpose, unlike the ones we've seen on top of the abductors.

However, they just turn you into a pinkish blob which lets you bounce around for a while. If not for anything else, these alien hologram pads are enough to draw a laugh or too.


But where do you find these alien hologram pads in Fortnite?

Alien hologram pad Fortnite locations

To begin with, there are four different alien hologram pads in Fortnite. These four pads are related to two different Rift Tour quests.

Here are all the alien hologram pad Fortnite locations along with a map showing the locations.


All Alien hologram pad Fortnite locations.
Image via Fortnite.gg

#1 Weeping Woods

The first pad can be found at Weeping Woods. There's a small landmark here which is known as Greasy Grove.


You will come across a small log cabin on the north-west side of Weeping Woods. Behind the cabin is where you will find this alien hologram pad.

#2 Green Steel Bridge

Green Steel Bridge is another unnamed landmark in Fortnite. It's located towards the south-eastern corner of Corny Complex.

Make your way to the bridge, and then travel towards the southern end of the bridge. That's where you will find the second alien hologram pad.


#3 Sheriff's Office

This alien hologram pad Fortnite location is rather fresh off the oven. This unnamed landmark is towards the north-west of Lazy Lake.


Since this alien hologram pad is rather suspicious, you'll find this behind the Sheriff's office. I think the aliens are afraid of the sheriff.

#4 Risky Reels

The final alien hologram pad Fortnite location is at Risky Reels. This unnamed landmark is towards the west of Corny Complex.


And that's it, these are all the four alien hologram pad Fortnite locations. All you need to do is step on them, and you end up completing the quest. It's as straightforward as that.

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