Did Epic Games Ruin The Gold Economy In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

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Much to the disappointment for a part of the community, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 saw a change in the gold and the upgrade system. Although the process hasn't changed that much, the prices have.

The gold bars in Fortnite act as an in-game currency. You can either purchase upgrades from the NPCs on the island. Or you can approach an upgrade station to upgrade your weapon.

Either way, you need gold to do this. And to earn gold, you need to complete some short quests in Fortnite. While these quests are easily obtainable, they don't reward enough gold.

The problem with the gold economy in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

As I was saying before, you get a less amount of gold for completing in-game missions now. That wouldn't have been a problem, had Epic Games not decided to alter the price of the upgrades in game.

Here's how the upgrade pricing in Fortnite looks currently:

  • Grey to Green - 200 Bars
  • Green to Blue - 300 Bars
  • Blue to Purple - 400 Bars
  • Purple to Gold - 500 Bars

And here's how it looked in the previous season:

  • Grey to Green - 25 Bars
  • Green to Blue - 50 Bars
  • Blue to Purple - 145 Bars
  • Purple to Gold - 345 Bars

You don't need a mad scientist to tell you that the numbers are high already. That being said, completing missions in the game won't get you enough gold to get to the better upgrades.

In fact you'll need a few matches in order to make the gold for a good upgrade. You can only accept one payphone quest at a time. Given the nature of the storm circle, you'll not be able to attempt more than two challenges per game.

To top it off, there are only 17 NPCs on the island at the time of writing this article. So you understand why earning gold in the game is difficult these days.

Yes, I understand that Fortnite takes into account the luck factor. But then again, this upgrade system meant that everyone gets a chance at a level playing field. Taking that away from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 made the game RNG based again.

People like me have been cursed by the RNG gods. Personally, I very rarely come across an epic rarity weapon by looting chests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. The gold bars made it slightly easier to get these weapons.

And now, with the prices hiked, it's difficult for me to get an upgrade. Also, why would I want to upgrade the grey weapon to a green weapon in the game?

Will this be fixed in the future update?

Well, hopefully Epic Games will address this issue in the later updates. We can't say for sure. However, if this does cause a lot of issues in the game, they'll definitely fix it. A similar thing happened back in the day when Epic Games disabled turbo building in Fortnite for a while.

That being said, the next update is in two weeks. So try to find better gold farming method till then, or wait for Epic Games to fix it.

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