Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Tips and Tricks, How To Get Better At Fortnite - Weapon Rarities, Best Landing Spots, Building, and More

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is here and it is time for players to brush up on their skills as they work on leveling up their Battle Pass and grinding through the Arena.

The island has changed heavily, and a famous landing spot is finally back.

Both new and veteran Fortnite players need to be on top of their game, as Season changes are always a chaotic time.

This guide serves to give basic tips for newcomers while working its way up to more high-level plays.

This page is constantly set to update, so keep checking back for the latest on surviving on the Island!

Weapon Rarities

Fortnite SCAR
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SCAR: A staple in Fortnite

This is very simple. Given below is the list of colors that you will find associated with the weapon rarities in Fortnite.

  • Grey: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Orange: Legendary
  • Gold: Mythic

The higher the rarity, the more damage the weapon will do. Now, it's understood that a pistol won't do as much damage as a rocket launcher, nor will assault rifles be as accurate as a sniper.

So choose your loadout carefully!

There are also Exotic Weapons that where can be purchased from certain NPCs for Gold Bars.

These weapons generally have some sort of special ability attached to them, such as the Shadow Tracker, which is a silenced pistol that also tags an opponent for easy tracking.

Keep your eyes peeled for those orange and golden guns, but knowing where to find them always trumps hoping to stumble upon them.

That's where the next set of tips come in.

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Best Landing Spots

Fortnite Believer Beach
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While the best spots to land can change drastically with Fortnite updates, there are a few spots in Chapter 2, Season 8 that provide a great chance of finding good loot.

Greasy Grove

This location is a new one to have made it to the island. There's nothing that interesting about the location but it has an incredibly high number of chests spawning right here.

Moreover, rotating out of this POI is easier, compared to a few other locations on the map.

Rocky Reels

Rocky Reels is somewhat in the middle of the map in Fortnite Chapter 3. Although this does tend to be a hotspot when it comes to landing, it's a place that has plenty of loot for almost everyone landing here.

Moreover, landing here during the first zone gives you a lot of options to rotate into. Just watch your corners.

Daily Bugle

Yet another Marvel themed POI to have graced Fortnite. Now this POI is exceptional because it has a good amount of floor loot. Moreover, this POI has over 30 chests that you can loot.

And if that wasn't enough, you have access to Spider-Mans mythic web shooters at this POI.

Tilted Towers

This one's a slightly dicey one to be honest. If you're in for a trip down memory lane, then do drop by here. However, remember that it's a death trap.

However, the presence of over 40 chests makes Tilted Towers a wonderful location to land straight out of the battle bus.

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How To Level Up Fast

Fortnite Ammo Crate
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AMMO: Never leave these unopened!

Leveling up allows players to unlock new items from the Battle Pass, whether from the free or paid track.

Every time you level up, you gain 5 battle stars. You can unlock cosmetics on the Battle Pass using these battle stars.

Completing challenges

There are a lot of challenges that you can complete in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. These challenges are broken down into Seasonal Quests, Weekly Quests and Daily Quests.

Every single challenge hands out a lot of XP if you manage to complete them successfully.

Here's a full run down of all the weekly challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Creative Mode

Playing in creative mode does reward you with XP as well. There are a lot of maps that you can choose from if you're bored with the regular battle royale mode in Fortnite.

You could also design your own map in creative mode and then play with your friends.

These are just two basic methods of grinding for XP in Fortnite. Here's a detailed guide on how to level up quickly in Fortnite.

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How To Win

Fortnite Victory Royale
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VICTORY: It tastes so sweet

This one sounds pretty easy but is more difficult than many think.

Simply be the last player standing out of the hundred that jumps from the Battle Bus, and you'll achieve that glorious Victory Royale.

Training Area

Get to know all the weapons, their fire rate, how long they take to reload, what the bullet drop is like.

This information is like gold against players who are not as familiar with their equipment.

Learn To Build

Building in Fortnite is as important as firing a weapon.

Learning to build will really increases your chances of winning in Fortnite, since it's one of the most integral mechanics of the game.

Keep An Eye On The Circle

Always know where the circle is and when it's coming.

The storm can chip away at a player's health, especially later in the game, so it's important to never get caught in it.

Players should always know where they are and how far away the Storm Circle is.

Learn From The Best

Watching pro players and learning from them is a great way to improve gameplay.

While it may be hard to stomach some streamers, there are certainly a ton out there that players can learn a thing or two from.

YouTube is also a great place to watch videos with extra tips and tricks on how to get better at the game.

Finally, you need to know your enemy. Keep an eye out for any hostiles in the area. If anything moves, shoot it. But don't shoot a Klombo.

And stick to your team. If you're in a group, you will have more chances of winning a gunfight. And if you're the only surviving member of the group, remember where the reboot vans are.

No one gets left behind on this island, soldier!

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