Where To Find Fishing Spots In Fortnite and All Season 1 Fish Locations

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Fortnite is probably the only battle royale in the market that supports fishing in-game. Fishing in Fortnite is as easy as finding a rod of Harpoon Gun and casting into a fishing hole.

The fishing mechanic has been around for a while and still going strong in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, with no major changes to its mechanics.


There are several types of fish in the game. Most of these restore health but there are a few that have some really unique abilities.

Fishing Spots in Fortnite

As mentioned before, you need a fishing rod to catch fish. Now, there are two types of rods. One is the Common Rod, and one is the Pro Rod. The Pro Rod will help you catch fish of higher rarity, and there are some fish that can only be caught with it.

While Fortnite players can cast into any body of water and catch fish, they will have more luck fishing in designated fishing spots. These spots appear in almost every body of water in the game and appear as ripples in the ocean, swamp, lakes, and rivers.


You can also see fish swimming in these ripples if you stand close enough.

All you need to do is aim the fishing rod and drop the hook in these ripples. Wait for a couple of seconds and you'll see the hook bobbing.

That's your cue to pull the hook back up. If you've timed it right, then you'll end up catching yourself a fish.


Looking for a quicker way to fish?

The Harpoon Gun instantly pulls in fish and items from any Fishing Hole it is shot into! Of course certain fish can still only be caught with a Pro Fishing Rod.

Also, please remember, these fishing spots might end up yielding weapons and ammo as well. So keep your eyes peeled for what you're pulling out of the water.

And if you don't like being shot at while fishing, head over to Party Royale. No one goes there these days anyway, so you might as well use it to complete a challenge. Not every fish in Season 8 is available there, but many are!

Season 8 Fish Types/Locations

There are currenlty 28 types of fish available in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, though more may be added with future updates.

This list will be updated frequently with the fish's actual numbers, and where they can be found.

Number Fish Effect Location
1Orange FlopperHealthAnywhere
2Green FlopperHealthAnywhere
3Blue FlopperHealthAnywhere
4Black and Blue Shield FishShieldsAnywhere
5Black Striped Shield FistShieldsCoastal
6Green Shield FishShields
7Pink Shield FishShieldsAnywhere (Pro Rod Only)
8Light Blue Shield FishShields
9Blue SlurpfishHealth/ShieldsAnywhere
10Yellow SlurpfishHealth/Shields
11Black SlurpfishHealth/Shields
12Blue SlurpfishHealth/Shields
13White SlurpfishHealth/Shields
14Light Blue Small FryHealingAnywhere
15Tan Small FryHealingAnywhere
16Purple Top Small FryHealingAnywhere
17Black Small FryHealingAnywhere (Night)
18Blue Small FryHealingCoastal
19Slurp JellyfishHealing/ShieldsAnywhere
20Peely JellyfishHealing/ShieldsMountains (Pro Rod Only)
21Purple JellyfishHealing/ShieldsCoastal
22Dark Vanguard JellyfishHealing/ShieldsAnywhere (Night)
23Cuddle JellyfishHealing/Shields
24Molten Spicy FishSpeedAnywhere
25Drift Spicy FishSpeed
26White Spotted Spicy FishSpeedMountains
27Southern Spicy FishSpeedSwamps
28Sky Blue Spicy FishSpeedCoastal

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