Fortnite Patch Notes: 19.10 Update Preview, Leaks, File Size & Changes

The Fortnite 19.01 update has finally gone live, the second of , Chapter 3, Season 1. With all the new content there is for players to explore, it is hard to think about Fortnite 19.10, which should arrive within the next few weeks. Here is what we know so far:


December 13, 2021 -

The 19.01 hotfix is expected tomorrow with the above additions to the game.

December 10, 2021 -

A small hotfix arrive in Fortnite today with the following changes:

  • Striker Pump Shotgun accuracy increased
  • Striker Pump Shotgun firing rate increased
  • Pulling out the Auto Shotgun is now quicker
  • MK-Seven AR does less enviornmental damage and is less accurate when hip firing
  • Increased Guzzle Juice heal speed
  • Increased range and damage for the Ranger AR

December 8, 2021 -

Fortnite 19.10 has officially hit Epic staging servers. Apparently, there is also a 19.01 hotfix on the way as well, but there is currently not a lot of information known about this. If this is the case, the hotfix will most likely arrive next week, with 19.10 arriving the following week.

December 7, 2021 -

While not related to Fortnite 19.10, it seems like tornados and a flare gun are coming later in the Season, most likely around version 19.30.

Fortnite 19.10 Update Release Date

There is no expected release date for Fortnite 19.10 yet, but if past Season starts are any indication, fans may see it around December 21, 2021.

Fortnite 19.10 Update Size

There are no known download sizes for Fortnite 19.10 yet. Here are the sizes of the 19.00 when it was released:

  • PC: 7.81GB
  • Android: 9.24GB
  • PS4/5: 8GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 13.34GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 14.8GB

Fortnite 19.10 is expected to be a little smaller, as 19.00 was the start of a new Chapter and a bit larger than usual.

Fortnite 19.10 Update Patch Notes

There are currently no know patch notes or updates for the upcoming Fortnite 19.10 update.

For issues Epic is currently working out, please check the Fortnite Community Trello Board.

Fortnite 19.10 Map Updates

Snow is expected to start to melt on some areas of the map, with Tilted Towers eventually being uncovered. While this is not expected to happen all at once, some melting will probably be noticeable in 19.10. Players may see the Dinosaurs first seen in the Chapter 3, Season 1 trailer thawed out soon.

Fortnite 19.10 Skins

The Matrix skins are expected to arrive late in December, and their assets should be included in Fortnite 19.10.

Fortnite 19.10 NPCs

A lot of NPCs are already on the Island, but there are a few that are expected to show that are not there yet. While there is no info yet on who they may be, this article will be updated when that information becomes known.

Fortnite 19.10 Weapons

Mythic weapons for many of the new weapons are being planned by Epic, and players may see the first Mythics arrive on the Island, including Spider-Man's Mythic Web Launcher. The Shield Aura is also expected to release, which regenerates shields for teammates in its range over time.

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