How To Play Fortnite On iOS Devices?

Fortnite is a very popular game these days. Although many people regard the game as a dead game, that isn't the case.

Fortnite is available on almost every major platform that there is. However, thanks to a dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the game isn't available on iOS devices.

Even though the courts recently ruled in Epic's favor, the drama still continues between the Fortnite creator and Apple.

That being said, you still can play the game on your iOS devices, although in a slightly unconventional way.

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October 15, 2021 -

It has been pretty quiet on the Epic vs Apple front, with no new information regarding when Fortnite will return to iOS after the court ruling was handed down. Apple still plans to appeal for as long as they can, barring Fortnite from the App Store until they have exhausted their options.

How to Play Fortnite on an iPhone?

As mentioned before, thanks to the dispute between Epic Games and Apple, the game was removed from the App Store sometime last year.

The dispute arose after Epic Games bypassed the payment gateway within the App Store itself in order to skip on the excess commission that Apple was charging.

This caused Apple to remove Fortnite from the App Store, thereby inviting a lawsuit from Epic Games.

While the trial is over, loopers are still being denied the thrill of Fortnite on their iPhones.

It seems Apple is determined to keep Fortnite banned from iOS until they exhaust all of their court appeal options.

This could take upwards of FIVE years.

However, respite came in the form of a cloud gaming service.

Back in 2020, Nvidia announced their cloud gaming service called GeForce Now. Using this service, loopers can enjoy Fortnite on their mobile phones without having to worry about downloading the game directly.

Although Fortnite on GeForce Now received Android support only, the developers are working tirelessly behind the scenes, in order to get the game to iPhones too.

Using this cloud gaming service, loopers on the iPhone will be able to access Fortnite again sometime in October this year. According to Nvidia's Aashish Patel, this was just an estimated timeline for the revival of Fortnite on iPhones.

Although this isn't an official date, and there's been complete radio silence over the same, we could expect the game to be back around that time itself.

Fortnite could have made an explosive return to iPhones sometime last year itself. However, the desktop version of Fortnite isn't mobile-friendly, so the developers had to put in extra effort for it to launch on GeForce Now.

In conclusion, yes you can play Fortnite on an iPhone, but that's going to take some time.

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