Ninja Asks: Where Would You Live in Fortnite?

A promo screenshot for Fortnite.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for Fortnite.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Blue-haired streamer Ninja has played a lot of Fortnite over the years, even if he is set to dip back into a different game soon, with a League of Legends showdown with MrBeast already set for next month.

That said, even though he technically already dwells within the game, it seems the streamer might be considering making Fortnite his permanent home at some point.

Though, a recent tweet suggests this idea isn’t quite past the planning stage yet.

Good Luck Getting a Mortgage on Your Section of Rave Cave

Taking to Twitter, Ninja asked his fans a simple question: “If you could live in Fortnite, where would it be?”

The answers to this question came in thick and fast, with the battle royale game offering a wide range of picturesque environments ripe for settlement.

Among the most popular property locations were Pleasant Park, which offers a range of modern properties in addition to lush green space perfect for those with children and Sleepy Sound, which has the advantage of being right on the coast and offers a pub for those without children.

Also receiving mentions were the likes of Retail Row, Dirty Docks and the obviously correct answer, Rave Cave.

Some of the streamer’s followers had more interesting ideas, with a few suggesting that they’d choose to dwell at the bottom of the ocean and some going as far as to say that they wouldn’t like to live in Fortnite, making the bold assumption that this is actually an option.

Meanwhile, one fan responded by saying: “bro you’re like 35”, which is factually incorrect, as Ninja’s actual age is 31.

Perhaps Ninja is hoping that his prospective move into the Fortnite universe will result in more success for him in competitive tournaments, with his latest foray having not ended in victory, as the streamer fell in round one of Dr Disrespect’s ‘Hot Shot Duo Drop’ Fortnite event, which eventually saw Tfue and Zemie emerge victorious.

The Fortnite legend has also recently seen his icon skin return to Fortnite’s item store and revealed what happened to his planned involvement in an EVO Super Smash Bros tournament back in 2019, during a poker live stream that also featured MrBeast and fellow influencer Ludwig early last month.

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