How to Quickly Reach Max Shield in Different Matches

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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6's Week 6 challenges are live, and one of them requires max out their health and shields in three different matches.

Thankfully there is a quick and easy way to complete this quest in only a matter of minutes.

Reach Max Shield in Different Matches

Fortnite Slurp Truck location
SLURP: These trucks are filled with the stuff

The easiest way to reach max shield in different matches is to land near a Slurp Truck, pop it open, and voilà, full shield.


There are several Slurp Trucks located around Apollo Island, but one, in particular, offers players a great advantage to land near.

Located just south of Pleasant Park, across the bridge, is a lone Slurp Truck that rarely sees players land near it, much less any action at all throughout a match.

All players need to do is land near it, destroy it to meet the condition of the challenge, and either rotate out to Pleasant Park or drop themselves off a cliff to exit the match and repeat the process until the challenge is complete.

It is the absolute quickest way to a full shield, and it only takes the amount of time to queue up, land, off yourself, and do it all over again two more times.

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