How To Wear A Prop Disguise In Fortnite

A bizarre addition to Fortnite's Season 6 is the ability to disguise yourself as a prop.

This unique function allows you to transform into normal objects such as Mailbox, Slurp Barrel, Wood Barrel or Trash Can.

Sounds fun right? It can be particularly helpful when you're outnumbered and need to stay hidden.

The week 6 challenge requires players to stay within 20m of a player for 3 seconds while wearing a prop disguise.

By doing this, you'll earn 24,000 XP!

Here's how to disguise yourself as a prop in Fortnite

How To Wear A Prop Disguise In Fortnite

This isn't actually as difficult as it sounds - you'll need to speak to one of 5 NPCs on the island that have the unique ability.

These NPCs include:

  • Raz (Colossal Crops)
  • Crustina (The Pizza Pit)
  • The Good Doctor (Steamy Stacks)
  • Snow Sniper (Mountain East of Retail Row)
  • Bushranger (Forest West of Pleasant Park)

Here's a map with a clearer idea of where to find all the NPCs

Prop Disguise Locations Fortnite Season 6
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All NPCs Offering Prop Disguises In Fortnite

A disguise will cost you 75 gold bars.

The disguise will last for a while, but it isn't forever. It will be cut short if you take damage or press the fire button.

You can do this as many times as you want if you're not happy with your disguise, but it will cost you 75 gold bars for each disguise.

Normals are probably the most successful way to do this.

We'd recommend heading to either Raz as players may be doing the Spire Quests or Bushranger because people always head to Pleasant Park.

Prop Disguises Can Only Be Given By NPCs
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Prop Disguises Can Only Be Given By NPCs

You can also try playing Team Rumble as this can often be the easiest way of doing.

Put your disguise on using an NPC near the final circle, head over to it and wait for someone to come by.

20 metres is quite a big distance and three seconds isn't very long, so if you can do this it's quite easy.

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