Fortnite: All Bounty Boards And NPC Bounty Quest Locations In Season 6

Are you looking to complete some bounties in Fortnite Season 6?

Bounty's were first introduced during Season 5 and have retained their place as a dynamic mechanic in Season 6.

The locations have been switched up and it's tough to complete them if you're not aware of where to find them.

Players can start Bounty Quests by talking to certain NPCs or by finding a Bounty Board.

In Season 6, one of the Week 6 Quests asks players to complete 3 bounties for 24,000 XP!

Here are all of the locations for Bounty Boards and where to get NPC Bounty Quests.

Below is a map of all locations to obtain Bounty Quests.

Where To Find Bounty Quests In Fortnite

Bounty Boards are highlighted by blue circles.

NPC Bounty Quests are highlighted by red circles.

Bounty Quests Fortnite Season 6
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All Bounty Quest Locations In Fortnite Season 6

Starting a Bounty Quest is very easy.

Go up to the NPC or board and simply press the action button until it says the Quest has started.

For completing it, you'll earn Gold Bars!

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