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How to Hunt a Boar in Fortnite: Boar Locations

Chapter 2, Season 6, Week 9's Epic Quests go live today, and players are going to have to hunt one of the boars located around Apollo Island.

Found all over the island, boars are the least aggressive wild animals found in Fortnite, though they will still charge players, doing damage when they hit.

Easy to hunt, boars provide one Bone and one Meat when killed.

Fortnite Boar Locations

Fortnite boar locations
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BOARS: Does anyone else smell bacon?

The above map details the spawn locations of wild boars, as well as the number of boars in that area.

This map is missing one key location, though, and that location provides the easiest path the completing this challenge.

At the southern end of Colossal Crops, there is a pig pen with three boars that never wander outside of the pen.

Players can land inside the pen, take out the boars, and easily complete this challenge, as long as another player has not beat them to it.

Fortnite Colossal Crops boar location
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This is the recommended course of action, only using the spawn point map in the case these boars have already been hunted by other players.

With a finite number of boars on the island per match, it is recommended that players complete this challenge as quickly as possible before paying attention to the rest of their match.

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