Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Baba Yaga's New Brew Questline Challenges Guide

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Fortnite Season 8 has already received a spooky touch. Although Baba Yaga is some sort of a witch, we're still a few weeks away from Fortnitemares 2021.

It could just be me but Baaba Yaga does send a shiver down my spine at times. That being said, she's got her own set of punch cards.


To begin Baba Yaga's set of challenges, you need to visit her first, just like every other NPC in Fortnite this season. Once you've met her, you can progress through the challenges she has to offer.

But the question of the hour is, where do you find Baba Yaga and how do you complete her challenges?

How to complete Baba Yaga's New Brew Questline challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

Baba Yaga Fortnite Location

In order to find Baba Yaga in Fortnite you need to make your way to the south western corner of the island.


She's inside a wooden hut at this spot, and it's close to Sludgy Swamp. Once you've spoken to her, you will have unlocked all her challenges.

Stage 1 - Mark a Medkit, a Bandage and a Shield Potion (12,000 XP)

This is a pretty straight forward challenge. All you need to do is mark a medkit, a bandage and a shield potion whenever you come across them on the island.

These occur mostly as floor loot so you shouldn't have any difficulty spotting them. Once you've spotted them, you need to use "mark item" button to mark their location.

Best part is, party assist is enabled for almost every quest, so if you're playing with your friends, you could work together to complete this quest.

Stage 2 - Use the services of a mending machine (14,000 XP)

Mending machines are spread out all over The Fortnite island. You need to interact with them and buy a shield potion from them in order to complete this challenge.


You don't necessarily need to buy a large pot of slurp juice to complete this challenge. A small pot would work too.

Stage 3 - Consume foraged items (16,000 XP)

Foraged items are usually found near farm lands. So looking for them around Corny Complex would be your best bet.

Not only that, you could also find some mushrooms around Weeping Woods and Sludgy Swamp. Consuming these after foraging them would count towards the quest too.

Stage 4 - Restore health with a fish (18,000 XP)

Fishing is a very popular sport, even in Fortnite. You could either head over to the numerous fishing spots that can be found all over the island in order to catch yourself some fish.

Alternatively, you could also find yourself some ice boxes. These usually yield fish too. Once you've gotten your hands on a fish, all you need to do is consume it and you're good to go.


Stage 5 - Use a Bandage or Medkit in the Sideways (20,000 XP)

The Sideways is a different dimension in Fortnite. Think of it like the alien biome but littered with evil zombie husks. There is no specific region for them to spawn, but you can spot them from a distance.

That being said, you need to grab yourself a Bandage or a Medkit and then head into the Sideways. Once you're in, take some damage and use either of the two items to complete this challenge.

You got this soldier!

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