Fortnite War Effort Round 2: Start Date, Weapons List and More

Credit: Epic Games

Credit: Epic Games

The Fortnite Season 8 war effort is an interesting new element that was introduced in this season. As a part of this war effort, loopers were being offered a choice between two different weapons.

In order to vote for one of the two, loopers had to vote for that specific item by donating gold bars to it. In the first round of the war effort in Fortnite the Shockwave Launcher was unvaulted.

Here is everything we know about the second round of the Fortnite Season 8 war effort.

Everything we know about Round 2 of the Fortnite War Effort

We still don't know when round 2 of the Fortnite war effort will begin. However, it can be speculated that the second round should begin either on October 5th, or on October 12th.

Considering that October 12th is the date when Fortnite 18.20 update comes out, there's a high chance that the Fortnite war effort round 2 goes live.

That being said, according to popular data miner Hypex, the Combat SMG and the Combat AR are the next two weapons to go live. These weapons are stronger and better than their current variants in the game.

Hypex listed out the stats for both these weapons so that whenever these go live, you have a better idea of what you're voting for.

However, there will always be an underlying issue with the voting system in Fortnite Season 8. It makes no sense to vote between two weapons that are completely new, because not all weapons fit into all playstyles.

Secondly, it gets difficult for newer players to vote for the weapons that were vaulted before they even began to play Fortnite.

Either way, keeping this one small flaw aside, there isn't that much of an issue with this element. Who will you be voting for? The Combat SMG or the Combat AR?

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