Fortnite Cube Town Gameplay Leaks Ahead of Release

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Credit: Twitter (@FortTory)

We got to see the Fortnite Cube Town POI for the first time after the Fortnite 18.10 update. Data miners believe that this POI is scheduled to go live in Fortnite Season 8 itself.

Moreover, this place will be littered with chests, so that's another bonus. However, all that aside, data miners have now leaked the first look of the Fortnite Cube Town POI.


Here's how it looks.

Fortnite Cube Town POI gameplay and other details


Interestingly enough, this POI is still under development. According to the video above, there are a lot of elements still missing in this POI.

Hopefully, it will be complete sometime soon, and we'll be able to navigate around this POI in this season itself.

It does raise a few questions though. The first one is that if it will be in the island itself, or if there will be a portal via which we get to access the Fortnite Cube Town POI?

Secondly, if it's directly on the island, will there be some kind of an event where a POI will be destroyed and will be taken over by the cubes?

These are a few interesting questions that this new POI raises. And we won't be sure about how things will be until the Fortnite Cube Town POI finally goes live.


We're not sure of the release date just yet either. However, looking at the video we can guess that this POI will probably go live towards the end of Fortnite Season 8.

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