Fortnite Season 11: Things We DON’T Want to See in Season 11

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Fortnite Season 11 can act as a saviour, after a rocky Season 10, with players looking to this new season to help them fall back in love with the game. Fortnite has often implemented new features in the game without properly testing them, thus leading to a massive disruption in-game and rage from fans on social media.

From over-powered weapons, uninspired LTM’s and gimmicky rift zones, these are the things Fortnite players do NOT want to see during Season 11.

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Rift Zones

This was one of the main gimmicks in Season X, every week or so they would change an existing Point of Interest drastically with either the combination of an old POI or a complete makeover, as we saw with Gotham City.

The Rift Zones would have been perfectly okay for most Fortnite fans if it wasn’t for the gimmicks behind everyone. From turning into a prop when crouching, to zombies littering the whole location – it was simply too much to handle at times.

A concept that should never return to Fortnite and they should just stick with the normal POI’s during Season 11.

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An Overpowered Weapon

This one is pretty self-explanatory, over the course of the last few Fortnite Seasons we have seen a few weapons or items that are not meant for the game.

During Season 9 we saw the introduction of the Combat Shotgun which had a super high fire rate and sniper-like range. During this past Season, we of course, were made well aware of the infamous Mechs.

With the rumors of Epic adding a tutorial mode and the new Zone Wars LTM, this could be Epic’s testing grounds for new weapons they are unsure about adding straight into the game.

I mean do they really want to be trending number one worldwide for a broken weapon again?

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A Cluttered Map

An image surfaced recently which drew the comparison between Fortnite’s original map makeup to what it has become, and honestly, the map has become a mess.

Season 11 should be a fresh start for Epic Games, with it all but certain that we are getting a new map to play on. This seems like the perfect time to have a wide and open landscape with some POI’s just like the early days of Fortnite.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91