Fortnite Chapter 2: Weapons We Want Unvaulted In Season 11

Fortnite Chapter 2 will bring new weapons, as well as potential unvaulted weapons. It was recently announced that the next phase of Fortnite would not be called Fortnite Season 11. IWith the Fortnite Champion Series commencing soon, they've already made one major change to the structure of competition; by focusing on teams rather than solos.

Fortnite players will know that since the game developers update the game every week or so, they are often tinkering with the loot pool. They frequently vault certain weapons and items that they feel should not be in the pool right now, having done this since the tail of time and the vault has become a larger pool than the actual game. There are still some weapons that just don't feel the same locked up in the vault.

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Hunting Rifle

One of the most iconic rifles in all of Fortnite's history was sent to the vault during the V9.20 patch, the Hunting Rifle was one of the longest standing weapons in the game and it came as a bit of a surprise to many when they finally vaulted it.

The Hunting Rifle was always good for a cheesy trick shot and was a well-balanced sniper rifle with a fast reload time, a weapon that should definitely be unvaulted in Season 11 as who doesn't love the occasional trick shot.

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Tactical Assault Rifle

High damage and high fire rate were the highlights of the Tactical Assault Rifle, it was seen as one of the superior rifles in the game and a lot of players opted to take it over a common assault rifle. 

Originally introduced during the John Wick X Fortnite collaboration, it is unlikely that we will see this rifle come back into the weapon pool. However, it is still worth talking about as people often miss this weapon as the two rifles currently in the game can get a little stale.

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Shadow Bomb

This is the only consumable on this list as, quite frankly, it is without a doubt the best item they ever vaulted for Fortnite. The Shadow Bomb essentially made you invisible for a few seconds and players were able to scale walls and move around much faster than they typically would.

With the limited mobility that is currently present in Fortnite, this item was one of the favorites of competitive players as it was seen as fairly balanced and was easy to counter.

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