Fortnite: Patch V10.20 Full Details and Challenge List

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Fresh off the latest Fornite patch V10.20, we may already have an idea of what is to come in the next update. Data miners are always on the ball as soon as a major update releases for Fortnite, digging through lines and lines of code they usually find every little detail from cosmetics to new game modes. This time around they managed to leak the next set of weekly missions coming to Fortnite later this week.

The new weekly missions replaced the former weekly challenges at the beginning of Season X, the new challenges have resided well with avid Fortnite fans as they are much easier to complete and Fortnite has aloud more time in between each mission. Along with these new weekly missions Fortnite has also rolled out their patch V10.20 which has been dubbed by many as the most controversial to date. The main notes of the patch can be found down below or here. 


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V10.20 Notes

One of the main features introduced during patch V10.20 was the crossover zone titled "Pandora" which is a collaboration with fellow Epic Games project Borderlands 3. The full details of the exciting new zone can be found down below!

  • Pandora
  • At the oasis near Paradise Palms, a Rift Beacon has created the Pandora Rift Zone.
  • Part of the Fortnite X Mayhem collab.This Rift Zone highly resembles the planet Pandora. However, it’s more than just a model; even the rules of the planet apply!
  • While at the Rift Zone, players will begin to generate Shield after 4 seconds of not taking damage.
  • Pandora will be available until September 10.

With Borderlands art style incorporated into this new rift zone, it seems like one of the fan favorites upon release. 


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No-More Turbo Building?

One of the most controversial changes in Fortnite history was rolled out yesterday as well, Epic Games has decided to slow down the turbo building delay from 0.05 to 0.15 which is three times slow now. Professional players and avid players took to social media to voice their unhappy opinions all day as it seems the game is now much clunkier and feels like the earlier seasons before turbo building was introduced. The full gameplay fixes can be found down below!

  • Returned the time between subsequent Turbo Build placements from 0.05 seconds to 0.15
  • This is intended to level the playing field regarding ping when it comes to turtling.
  • The first placement of a structure using Turbo Build remains the same.
  • Moving StormSafezones will no longer move while shrinking in the later phases of a match.
  • Note: This change does not affect Arena and Tournament playlists.
  • This change was implemented on August 23.

Whether or not Epic Games decide to revert the changes it still up in the air. 

BlockBuster Challenges

This set of missions appears to be the set of missions that will stay in the game until the end of Season X rather than the timed mission list. Along with the multiple battles stars available during these missions, some of the in-game cosmetic awards for battle pass owners includes Tilted Technique's final style which is the orange variation of her outfit. Also, there are the dual-wielded harvesting tools disguised as paint rollers which are also apart of Tilted Techniuqe's outfit, very unique cosmetics that fans will definitely attempt to get asap. 


 The full list of challenges can be found down below and all credit is to Lucas7Yoshi for leaking these!

Boogie Down

The other set of weekly missions discovered by Lucas7Yoshi is a set of missions that appears will become available to players during week six of Season X.  This set of missions appears to be dedicated to the DJ Yond3r cosmetic set and we will be able to unlock the rest of its styles and other cosmetic accessories during this weeks mission list. 

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The latest Fortnite patch has certainly stirred up some controversy within fans, the recent hinder of turbo building has not come across well to players and it appears as Epic Games is sticking true to their philosophy by catering to all player bases with this recent patch. Epic Games has proved time and time again that they can be reasoned with if there is enough community feedback so we shall wait and see what comes next out of the mega cooperation. 

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Written ByNick Farrell@Nickfarrell91