UPDATED: No-Gravity Zone Spreads Through Holly Hatchery

The Alien Biome infection is starting to spread, consuming more houses in Holly Hatchery.

Rumored to continue spreading and engulfing multiple POIs in Fortnite, the spread is happening a bit differently than fans had initially thought.

Holly Hatchery Infection

As seen in the Tweet above from @ShinnaBR, the zero gravity area in Holly Hatchery has spread to a fourth area, engulfing the isolated brown house in the area.

Just last week the infection spread to the house just west of the garden center.

What is a bit odd is that the initial area did not grow to consume the new areas.

Instead, each home is contained within its own cube of Alien Biome.

It is unknown if this is how the infection will spread throughout each POI, or if at some point, all the individual areas will finally merge.

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Future Infection Sites

Fortnite Alien Biome
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Leaks suggest that once Holly Hatchery is completely infected, Lazy Lake and Weeping Woods are next on the list.

Coral Castle is still expected to be destroyed at some point soon, as well.

As the aliens continue to make their push on the island in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, it is still unclear if they are the real enemy or IO is.

Recent revelations in Batman/Fornite: Zero Point #6 muddle the line between which forces are actually the heroes here if there are any at all.

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