Fortnite's Mothership Preparing For Something Big in Season 7

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It did not take long for the Mothership to start moving in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7.

As soon as it did, rumors started flying about why it was moving and where it would end up.


Leaks suggest the Mothership is headed to destroy Coral Castle, and a new leak shows it is getting ready to do something.

Mothership Door Animations

@HYPEX, with the help of @xkem0x, has captured a clip of the Mothership's center door opening and closing.


The only other time this was seen was in the opening cinematic for Season 7 when the Mothership destroyed The Spire, freeing The Foundation from his cacoon around the Zero Point.

It seems that now players will get to see the Mothership in action in-game, though there does not seem to be anything behind the door just yet.

Are Coral Castle's days numbered?

It could all just be an elaborate ruse, leading players to believe Coral is the target when the real objective is Steamy Stacks and Kevin the Cube.


OK, that is a bit far-fetched, but it has been some time since we had a good Kevin the Cube conspiracy.

Like a whole month.

Goodbye, Coral Castle


Is Coral Castle not long for this world?

It was leaked a while ago by @HYPEX that we would see Alien Parasites take over Lazy Lake, Weeping Woods, and Holly Hedges, while bits of Coral Castle would be abducted or destroyed by the Mothership.

So far Fortnite fans have seen Holly Hedges turn into Holly Hatchery, with some lobby changes reflecting the transformation.

There is no telling if Coral will actually be destroyed or not, but a lot of the data is pointing in that direction.

It is only a matter of time, and the new Mothership animations mean the Fortnite team is already putting plans into motion.

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