Alien Nanites Can Be Used To Build Sky bases In Fortnite

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Building a sky base was regarded as an advanced technique in Fortnite. Since the game is all about gaining high ground, these sky bases helped loopers get the upper hand on their enemies.

However, they had a few downsides to it. Firstly, you'd have to have a lot of materials available in order to build a proper sky base. Secondly, you'd also have to build enough support for the base otherwise it could be taken down easily.


That being said, loopers stopped building sky bases in the game for a while now for no specific reason. However, the addition of alien nanites could see the return of the sky base thanks to their unique feature.

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Alien nanites and the sky base in Fortnite season 7

If you've managed to use an alien nanite in the game already, you'll know about the low gravity zone that it creates. This zone allows you to float in air freely.


If you're using it on a platform that's high up in the air, you won't take fall damage if you fall from a height either. This makes the alien nanite the perfect contender for the sky base.

As seen in the video below, all you need to do is build high up in the air. And once someone breaks your sky base, you need to deploy an alien nanite. You'll end up seeing a cube around your surviving platform. Not only that, you'll be suspended in air too.


Don't get too comfortable though, the effects of these alien nanites lasts for 30 seconds only. Unless you have another nanite at hand, you've just got 30 seconds to bag those kills.

Either way, these alien nanites are overpowered little things that can lead to many victory royale scenarios. If you fancy building a sky base yourself, don't forget to carry an alien nanite or two. Have fun!