Fortnite Leak Suggests Alien Parasites Will Be Able to Be Picked Up

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A new Fortnite leak from @HYPEX suggests the Alien Parasites currently spread around Apollo Island will be able to be snagged as usable equipment in the game.

There is no telling how they might be used, but if this really is the case, there could be an interesting mechanic here at play.


Alien Parasites As Equipment

Currently, the Alien Parasites hatch from eggs and attach themselves to wildlife or players.

Aggressive wildlife with Alien Parasites attached become more aggressive and erratic.


Chickens and frogs look kind of weird, but the Parasites do not seem to affect them in any way.

Players who have an Alien Parasite attached to them sacrifice a bit of their max health in return for speed and jump boosts.

So how would a Parasite be used if a player could pick them up and throw them?

Surely it would not make sense to buff another player by tossing a Parasite at them unless it was a teammate.

It is possible that using a Parasite would attach it to the player who uses it, giving them the Parasitic buffs when they choose, instead of having to find a wild Alien Parasite and have it attached to them immediately.

Either way, allowing players to pick up Alien Parasites is an interesting move, and apparently, one we may see towards the end of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7.

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