Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Leak Reveals ALL Scrapped Skins, Cosmetics, And Music

Have you ever wondered what happens to scrapped skins that don't make it into your games of Fortnite? Well, some of them are still there, living in the aether of Fortnite's game files, hoping to be used one day in the future.

What about those leaked cosmetics that never actually appeared? Were they convincing fakes? It seems not, as some of them, too, have been revealed in the latest leak from Fortnite leaker HYPEX.

They've been searching the game files with success for a long time now, but this could be their biggest - and coolest - haul yet.

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Leaked Fortnite Music

Three new tracks were revealed in this leak, including one simply titled TBD (likely To Be Decided), which was supposed to release in Season 6, and another called Battle Breakers, which was set to release in Chapter 2 Season 1, likely in a crossover event with Epic's new title. We could still see this happening, depending on how the Battle Breakers project goes.

However, the most exciting music find was the Winner's Circle tune, supposed to release in Season 9.

This was leaked ahead of the Fortnite World Cup last year but never found its way into the game. As it is in the files, perhaps there is still a chance?

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Leaked Fortnite Cosmetics

The cosmetics page in the leak sees the new Deadpool skin available - set to be released soon, as well as a bunch of old skins that were never used.

We could see some of the Secret Agent ones still releasing in Chapter 2 Season 2, or even Season 3, depending on its theme, but some of the other look set to never see the light of day.

Take the devilish character pictured, for instance, or the lumberjack character. We can't see those releasing any time soon.

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Other Leaks

As well as the music and skins, other leaks included emotes and weapon skins. The emotes ranged from a bunch of Christmas actions - giving presents and the like - to some that seemed unfinished, and one that involved drinking tea. We don't have a clue either.

You can check out the full leak, courtesy of HYPEX, in their tweet.

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