Fortnite: Tfue Refuses To Use A Controller On Fortnite - Here's Why

Turner 'Tfue' Tenney reveals the reason he refuses to fully play with a controller on Fortnite, despite originally calling it the best input device in Season 2.

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Twitch streamer, Tfue, who has over 7.7 million followers on his channel, has, again mocked controller users.

Even with the game's meta doing a complete 180 giving controller players the upper hand, as aim assist and accuracy boosts came into play, he doesn't feel he needs to adapt to the new meta.

During a recent livestream, Tfue was eliminated which caused him to call for a "level playing field" between mouse and controller, although it doesn't look like the former FaZe Clan member is going to be changing the way he plays any time soon.


Turner said  "I don't even want low ping, I want it to be an equal playing field between mouse and controller," he said.

"I obviously think controller is the best Fortnite input device, for sure, but I don't want to practise controller for just this game, you know what I'm saying? The future of gaming is all mouse and keyboard."

he then went on to slate controller players further, talking about the lack of transferability in a controller users Fortnite skills.

"None of these controller Fortnite players are going to go off and become professional CSGO players on a controller, it's just not going to happen. Like, there's no transition from this. It's a one time thing so I'm just going to stay on mouse and controller."

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