Where To Destroy Alien Eggs In Fortnite

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Credit: Image via Epic Games
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Aliens were first seen in Fornite Season 7 itself. Although they did swarm the island in the blink of an eye, they converted one major POI into a huge incubator (yes I'm looking at Holly Hatchery).

That being said, these aliens started spreading eggs all over the island. Alien parasites are born out of these eggs. They are slightly beneficial in nature truth be told, but they come with a cost.


In order to complete a Fortnite week 14 challenge, you need to destroy these alien eggs, but where do you find them?

Where to find and destroy alien eggs in Fortnite?

As mentioned before, these alien eggs are literally available all over Fortnite island. However, not all of them are at a convenient location.

In order to complete this weekly challenge, the best thing would be to head over to either Holly Hatchery or Lazy Lake.


You will find a considerable amount of alien eggs in these areas. And given that your need to destroy only three eggs, these locations offer more than the required number of eggs for easier completion of the said challenges.

That being said, here are the maps for all the alien eggs that you could find in the two locations mentioned above.

Fortnite Alien Egg locations at Holly Hatchery
Image via Fortnite.gg
Fotnite Alien Egg locations at Lazy Lake
Image via Fortnite.gg

Once you've destroyed three alien eggs, you will have completed the mission. However, be careful of the parasites contained within.

The moment you destroy these eggs, the parasites inside will chase you down and try to attach themselves to you. You may have to shoot them down.

Or if you fancy yourself an extra bout of power, let them attach onto your heads. Not only will this protect you from headshots, it will also give you an additional movement boost.

These parasites however, will cost you a bit of your health, so be careful of that.

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