The Alien Parasites And Their Secret Abilities

Given that Fortnite Season 7 is seeing an alien invasion, the debut of alien parasites isn't that surprising at all. While their presence on the island is still low, we'll see a rise in the infection as the days progress.

But what are these alien parasites in Fortnite and what do they do?

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Fortnite and it's alien parasite infestation

It's not an infestation, for now. However, these alien parasites have their own benefits too. You'll find these alien parasites near the Hydro-14 dam in Fortnite.

They're scheduled to take over most of the POIs in the game, especially Holly Hedges. Once the infection has spread, Holly Hedges will be renamed to Holly Hatchery.

That being said, if you come in close contact with these parasites, you'll find them attaching themselves to your head. You'll lose some amount of health but you'll gain extra speed and you'll be able to jump higher.

It's a nice little trade off if you ask me. That being said, these alien parasites do not affect your shields at all. Moreover, since they're attached to your head, you'll be protected from headshots. However, one headshot is enough to destroy these parasites so don't get too comfortable.

Hunting infected animals in Fortnite

These alien parasites will end up affecting wild animals too. If you come across any animal with the alien parasite on them, you need to watch your step. These alien parasites make animals more aggressive and you won't be able to tame them either.

For now, since the alien parasite infection is just localized to the Hydro 16 dam area, you'll probably come across infected animals in the vicinity of the dam. Here's a map showing the animal spawns near the dam.

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The only way to control these affected animals is by killing them. But be careful with your shots. You don't want to end up shooting those parasites if you want them for yourself. Also, hunting an infected animal will help you complete a Fortnite Season 7 week 4 quest.

That being said, watch your health bar when you're off bonding with these parasites. If I were you, I'd stay away from the parasites if I was running low on health.

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