For Honor 2 Should Improve On Its Faction And Guild System

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For Honor 2 is in the unique position of having to improve on a near-perfect game. I think we shouldn't waste time trying to make the formula better since it already works so well. Instead, they should keep the base of the game and concentrate on making the in-game war more engaging by creating factions and real guilds.

Things like new arenas, maps, and warriors are already obvious things that need to be done. In my first article in this series, I wrote about how they could make a sequel that lives alongside the first game. This article will elaborate on my second article, what they could add to the game that wouldn't be very time-sensitive.


For Honor 2 Needs An improved Guild And Faction System

Before discussing how For Honor 2 can improve the faction system, let's first examine how it currently works. When a player starts the game for the first time, they choose a side. By gaining the most over various game modes, these factions compete for territory and pieces of the map. Within a short period of time, faction space is divided up between those who perform best.

Could For Honor 2 have players creating their own factions that fought for territory and space? It would be fantastic if players could create their own factions that can take control of the map. Then we could have several factions that pay players to serve them as mercenaries, so revolts could very well be possible.

For Honor 2 will then be able to feature a better guild system. Unlike factions, guilds wouldn't fight for positions on a map. Unlike Factions, money is a guild's only motive, which may lose money through losses (paying for soldiers).


As discussed in the previous article, the guild could build its own cosmetic castle and make special armor. Ubisoft could make this idea work without spending too much money on it if it offered more cosmetic items for players to purchase. A player's cosmetic home may be inexpensive, but a player's cosmetic castle will take them weeks to complete. That would be the same for guilds, preferred to factions based on their guild HQ size.

Like many other players, I don't want to see any changes to the game's core systems, and they are already superb. Instead, I would like to see For Honor 2 become more immersive and filled with features. With these last two articles, I think Ubisoft can make a sequel that will please everyone.

Next, I will discuss how well Ubisoft handled For Honor's microtransactions and how they could help the sequel.

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