For Honor 2 Would Benefit From These RPG Features

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For Honor 2 will most likely increase with their customization options, making every player feel like their warrior is as unique as can be. This is part of why it is so easy for players to immerse themselves in the game. I think that Ubisoft should go even further in the sequel.

I have discussed this to a small degree in my article: For Honor 2 Can Live Alongside The Original For Honor. Now, I'd like to push the idea even further, and I know that players of the game would like this because we all like similar games.


For Honor 2 would benefit from more RPG elements

RPGs normally do everything that For Honor does. The game features a leveling system, customizable armor, player characters, and even ways for users to interact with others uniquely. In addition, fight styles and executions can also be customized but even further can be done.

For Honor has many assets in terms of animation, so this is an example of taking a great game and improving on it. Theoretically, If Ubisoft were to release For Honor 2 with For Honor as its base and just add to it (while improving graphics and textures), then For Honor 2 is sure to sell better than the original. In what way? Another fighting style as well as facial customization.

More information on the timeline of a sequel: For Honor 2 Is Still At Least A Year Away Based On Clues From Mirage Expansion


As well as their ability to change the type of execution, players are aware of their options. Imagine a game that offered an entirely new set of moves for the player to choose from. So each character would have two sets of light attacks, heavy attacks, and so on? They could select individual attack styles while customizing a character and immerse themselves fully.

Another way to customize characters even further that won't be too expensive in memory is to allow users to design their own faces. In addition, the ability to remove and add a helmet mid-game would enhance immersion, the same way swords do. Players will feel good with how they can interact together and show a sense of distrust.

The unique thing about For Honor 2 is that it is a sequel to a popular game that has so many things going for it. I think removing anything or changing anything would cheapen the game if it's going to be a true sequel. Instead of receiving a different game as a sequel, fans would prefer more.

For Honor 2 needs player bases and a betrayal option

These two are a bit outlandish, but they are so much fun. Depending on your level, you can customize your home or castle—additionally, betrayal after a victory.


Let's talk about making a home first. Start with the basic house and add rooms and items, something purely cosmetic that could be purchased in-game with money (Ubisoft, of course, would add the option to buy money in-game) that could lead to an entire castle or fortress. The server would manage this cosmetic feature, and players could just have it on their profile or as a hub.

Consider this second example: what if you won a battle and then tried to attack a former ally you once had? Some players would hate it, but it would give them a reason to distrust each other after the battle is won. It must only be after the battle has been won; otherwise, it leaves room for trolls.

My next article on this game will be based on guilds and how they can improve.

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