For Honor 2 Can Live Alongside The Original For Honor

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The closer we get to For Honor 2, the further it seems. Five years after its release, the original game continues to receive updates and DLC. Now, fans wonder if For Honor 2 is a possibility or if it will go the way of GTA6 and Elder Scrolls 6.

The main issue with a sequel is how to improve on a formula that has already been successful? It may not be possible and might not be worth attempting. How about simply adding an entry to the sequel instead of improving it?


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For Honor 2 Needs More Features

It probably wouldn't make sense for For Honor to go under any time soon. Instead, I would like to take this incredible formula and turn it into a new game without removing the old one. For Honor 2 could prosper and live side-by-side with For Honor if it was simply a different way to play the game.


As part of the gameplay of For Honor, players help smaller, and weaker soldiers take points on the map. Soldiers like these are easily beaten, and they are nothing more than cannon fodder. A sequel could elaborate on them.

Imagine For Honor incorporating a Command & Conquer strategy element, with players starting out as little cannon fodder soldiers. Working alongside NPCs, they eventually rise to the top to command the armies. Commanders should still have to fight alongside their troops, even if they seem too far away.

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For Honor 2 mixes with strategy

Consider a player as a commander who moves onto the field to support an offensive effort. They will aid the weaker players and fight alongside them until the enemy commander either sends a Lieutenant or goes into the battle themselves. They may have to wait a lot longer to return to the battlefield if they die, so if they meet, it's a big deal.


Imagine that they are so powerful and skilled that other players are fighting around them. A duel takes place in the middle of the field, and the outcome has a great deal of influence over the game. At the same time, the commanders must be cautious of the battlefield and lose time to make decisions, just like a real medieval battlefield.

Commanders may be the only ones who can see where all the soldiers and enemies are. Lieutenants will only be able to see where their immediate subordinates are on their map, and regular soldiers will only be able to see what they see on their screens. As For Honor is all about realism, how about adding natural medieval battle realism?

All of these are just ideas, and they're a result of For Honor as a game being so polished that there's no real need for a sequel. For Honor 2 would not need to compete with the original if it were made different enough to attract more players. With this change, the studio would have two games that are moneymakers.


Ubisoft should take note; making a better game isn't always necessary. There are times when you have to make a more inclusive one.

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