Square Enix Address Final Fantasy XIV's Server Issues

Final Fantasy XIV's become incredibly popular in recent times. Selling out of digital copies last month one weekend, Naoki Yoshida, XIV's producer and director, recently outlined measures to stop server overcrowding, including an AFK timer. However, Square Enix's MMORPG is evidently feeling the strain.

Releasing a statement this morning, Yoshida advised that the amount of simultaneous logins "has continued to hit the upper limit," citing North America and European data centres and worlds in particular. As such, he's outlined Square Enix's plans to fix this, though if you're hoping for a quick fix, we've got bad news.

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Square Enix Address Final Fantasy XIV's Server Issues

Firstly, Yoshida advised that the Patch 5.58 hotfix - which went live at 6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm BST / 3pm CEST today, requiring 9 hours of maintenance - will change the operating system settings, increasing the login data cap once they've confirmed stability. In late September, they'll replace their existing equipment with "high-performance machines", increasing that further.

In North America, the Aether server is now classified as congested, despite previously increasing maximum capacity. Accordingly, players cannot create new characters until that classification is lifted, saying this "could result in login queues taking up to several hours, which is why we needed to take this approach." Accordingly, Yoshida suggests using Primal or Crystal, though he admits they're also suffering congestion.

Finally, this post outlines how Square Enix's Infrastructure and Development teams are looking at "large-scale solutions", including expanding data centres or adding new worlds. However, Yoshida admits that due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage and COVID-19 resurgence in Japan, sourcing the equipment has been a struggle. As such, that'll take time to implement, but we'll keep you informed as we hear more.

Source: PC Gamer

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