Naoki Yoshida Outlines Plans to Combat FFXIV Overcrowding

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Not long after Final Fantasy XIV sold out of digital copies, producer Naoki Yoshida commented on the current FFXIV login cap issue and outlined plans to address it.

These plans include login caps and new servers, but until the situation is under control, trial players will have to wait until the login queue clears before they can join and take their place in the world.


That will presumably result in longer wait times for non-paying players, though it will likely vary depending on the time of day.

The other significant change is the early introduction of the FFXIV automatic logout feature. After a certain time where you take no action in the game, it automatically boots you to make room for more players.

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Naoki Yoshida Outlines Plans to Combat FFXIV Overcrowding

Square Enix also plans new servers, but that will take time given the current semiconductor shortage, Yoshida said. The goal is introducing them as soon as possible, though, ideally between FFXIV 6.0 and FFXIV 7.0 after Endwalker.

Yoshida said Square Enix recently raised the login cap by 750 per world on North American servers, and while the plan is to eventually do the same in Europe and elsewhere, Yoshida said that won't be happening anytime soon.

Meanwhile, he recommends players stay in queue to wait for a spot to open and avoid creating characters during periods of heavy traffic.


[Source: FFXIV Lodestone]