Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2021 - Seasonal Event, Polar Bear Mount, And Rewards

Final Fantasy XIV has a variety of Seasonal Events that reward players with valuable items such as Clothing, Mounts, Minions, and more. One of those seasonal Events it’s the Moonfaire Faire, a summer festival that gathers players to fight giant Bombards and rewards them with summer-themed clothing and items.

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Moonfire Faire 2021 - Overview, Duration, and Main Quest

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Moonfire Faire 2021 Event Duration

From Friday, August 13 at 1:00 a.m. to Thursday, August 26 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)

Moonfire Faire 2021 Main Quest - Unseasonable Chills

To participate, the only requirement is that you reached level 30. Other than that, you’re free to participate on the event as much as you want. To start the quest, players have to speak with the lalafell NPC Mayaru Moyaru on Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x:11.5,y:13.8).

According to the quest description, this little lalafell will stop at nothing to see that you enjoy the seasonal festivities to the fullest. After that, all you need is to go to the indicated location (it changes every year) and speak to the dispatched NPCs to begin the special FATE against the boss of the event (usually Bombards). The items obtained after winning the battle can be traded for the event gear, usually swimsuits.

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Moonfire Faire 2021 - Rewards

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The Moonfire Faire 2021 brings the following rewards. These are awarded for completing the main event quest, or can be bought to any of the Event NPCs. Certain items available during previous iterations of the event can be purchased via Moonfire Faire vendors.

Polar Bear Horn
Though cold to the touch, this horn emits a heartwarming sound that summons your polar bear, all without needing to resort to using its favorite sweets.
Use to Acquire the "Polar Bear" Mount.
Costa del Hielo
A delicious chilled dessert created by the confectioner Nekeke, this icy treat is both refreshing and easy on the waistline, as it largely consists of frozen water.
Meal benefits when used: Skill Speed Bonus: +4% (Max 10) VIT Bonus: +5% (Max 12) Gear Durability Bonus: +3 EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m
Grilled Corn
Sweet millioncorn on the cob, basted with authentic Hingan soy sauce and broiled over an open flame.
Meal benefits when used: Critical Hit Bonus: +4% (Max 10) VIT Bonus: +5% (Max 12) Gear Durability Bonus: +3 EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m
Moonfire Mask Stall
Housing/Outdoor Furnishing
A stall with an assortment of colorful masks on display, as seen during the Moonfire Faire festivities.
Use to decorate the outdoor of any Housing Plot

And that's it! Now you know everything you need to participate on the Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2021. Go out there and get that cool Polar Bear mount!

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