Summit1G's FFXIV Subscription Runs Out at Worst Possible Time

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Popular Twitch streamer Summit1G spent much of July chronicling his journey through Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV. He's tackled raids, taken up fishing, and slogged through the class level grind because "that world feels so alive it’s wild," he said on Twitter.

He recently encountered something else wild about Final Fantasy XIV, namely, Square Enix kicks you out of the game when your subscription runs out, no matter what you're doing at the time.

Unfortunately for Summit1G, he was in the middle of something rather important: an eight-person dungeon with Shiva as the final boss.

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Summit1G's FFXIV Subscription Runs Out at Worst Possible Time

Eight-person dungeons are higher-risk affairs compared to the usual four-person ones that make up most of A Realm Reborn's early game, and Shiva is one of the more difficult Primals to face.


Shiva was down to half health, with Summit firing off DPS skills like a pro, when, with no warning, the screen goes blank. He's booted back to the title and thinks the game just had a glitch, before he remembers... he ran out of time.

Let this be a reminder to us all.

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