Final Fantasy XIV

24 Feb 2021

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Jobs and More For Latest Expansion

Final Fantasy 14 just keeps on trucking, with the game now one of the finest MMOs around.

Square Enix has finally revealed the game's latest expansion, Endwalker – the fourth major content drop.

Here's everything we know about the expansion, including new jobs, story details, and the new level cap.

Release Date

The Endwalker expansion is coming later this year, with Square Enix tentatively targeting "Fall 2021".


Expect the expansion to come to PC and Mac, as well as PlayStation 4.

It'll also come to PlayStation 5, with the game also coming to Sony's latest hardware.


Check out the stunning CGI trailer below.


As per a new PlayStation Blog post:

"We’re back on the Source following our adventures in the First, but as might be expected, an even greater calamity was brewing in our absence. Endwalker will feature the climax of the long-running Hydaelyn and Zodiark story arc, which is not only exciting for our veteran players, but also means it’s a great time for new players to jump in and enjoy the amazing story leading up to Endwalker’s release!"

New Jobs

Only the Sage has been revealed so far, a new healer job.

Square Enix has promised more, including a DPS-focused class.

New Content

Not only with players be able to visit Thavnair and the region of Garlemald, but the Moon will also be included.

Players can also expect new dungeons, a new PvP mode, updates to the Gold Saucer and more.

Level Cap Increase

The game's level cap is jumping from 80 to 90.