Naoki Yoshida Says The AFK Timer Shouldn't Stop Players From Having Fun

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Square Enix recently announced plans to counter the significant increase in players over the past few months, which has resulted in long queue times, for both paying and non-paying customers.

Naoki Yoshida recently detailed the plans that Square would be implementing in order to try and fix these issues, which included raising the player caps on each world, and introducing even more new worlds, although we shouldn't expect to see an increase in servers overnight.


Square is also implementing a new auto-logout feature for AFK players.

Many players were vocal about this new change as it is very common for people to hang out in some of the major cities around Eorzea.

Naoki Yoshida Says The AFK Timer Shouldn't Stop Players From Having Fun

Yoshida has released a new blog post saying that this isn't meant to stop people from having "fun" and to stop hanging out in major cities, as that's a part of what makes an MMO great.

"I myself have played many an MMO, so I know how watching other players bustle past during mealtimes physically and mentally prepares you for challenging dungeons later, and how a spontaneous dance performance can brighten everyone’s day. These are ways of roleplaying, and they are part of the fun of MMORPGs." Naoki Yoshida says.

The auto AFK system is in place to remove players who are actually away from the keyboard, and players who just like to hang out in a populated city playing music, dancing, or hanging with friends are encouraged to do so still.

There is also an issue with players who are fishing causing them to be auto logged out and the team is looking for a fix.


You can read the full post here, which goes into more detail about the changes and increased login caps on EU Data Centers.

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