Final Fantasy XIV Temporarily Sold Out Of Digital Copies Last Weekend

Final Fantasy XIV remains one of gaming's greatest comeback stories. Following a widely criticised launch back in 2010, Square Enix successfully reinvented it with 2012's A Realm Reborn, a move which set the ground for XIV's enduring popularity. Last weekend though, that appears to have suddenly surged.

Spotted on Reddit by u/Polydopamine, Square Enix's official online store actually ran out of digital copies on PC, giving users a notice that they had zero stock. Players were unable to create new characters on servers either, and if you wanted a key, players could join a waiting list.

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Final Fantasy XIV Temporarily Sold Out Of Digital Copies Last Weekend

You can see this all below in full detail, though as you might expect, this was only a temporary setback for future buyers. Since the weekend, stock has now returned to Square Enix's store, making the PC edition available once again.

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Elsewhere, existing Final Fantasy XIV fans have got plenty to look forward to in the coming months. With Endwalker due to release in late November, news of an upcoming cookbook based upon this successful MMORPG also leaked in recent days, and you can read more about that here.

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