FIFA 21 TOTY LIVE Day 11: Team Of The Year Squad, Release Date, Time, Packs, Countdown, Predictions, Investments, Nominees, Card Design, Voting, And Everything You Need To Know

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FIFA 21's TOTY is now live in-game as players big to claim their own special blue player.

Team of the Year celebrates the best players from the past calendar year.

The standard starting 11, plus the 12th man community voted player have been released as special “Team of the Year” items on Friday 29th January.

Not only that, but honourable mentions have also been added to the game to celebrate their fantastic seasons (despite failing to break into the TOTY).

Here's what we know about FIFA 21 TOTY.

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Latest News

Messi Is The 12th Man - 29th January

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Honourable Mentions - 29th February

The following players have received special TOTY Honourable Mentions for their efforts in 2020.

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12th Man Vote Live In-Game - 27th January

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TOTY Defenders Now Live In Packs - 26th February

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TOTY Midfielders Now Live In Packs - 24th February

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TOTY Attackers Now Live In Packs - 22nd February

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TOTY ANNOUNCED - 22nd January

The official FIFA accounts have revealed the TOTY squad!

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Sergio Ramos Makes TOTY - 22nd January

Sergio Ramos has confirmed on his Instagram that he will be included in the FIFA 21 TOTY!

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Kevin De Bruyne Makes TOTY - 22nd January

Manchester City has revealed that Kevin De Bruyne has made the TOTY for FIFA 21!

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Third TOTY Loading Screen Arrives - 20th January

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Second TOTY Loading Screen Arrives - 20th January

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Best SBCs To Complete - 20th January

Which SBCs should you complete in FIFA 21 with all of your TOTY SBC fodder?

Here are the top ones!

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Release Date

TOTY will begin on the 22nd of January 2021 at 6pm GMT.



  • Alisson
  • Courtois
  • Ederson
  • Hradcecky
  • Mandanda
  • Navas


  • Acerbi
  • Alexander-Arnold
  • Amavi
  • Angelino
  • Davies
  • De Vrij
  • Ginter
  • Hernandez


  • Aouar
  • Bruno Fernandes
  • De Bruyne
  • Fekir
  • Gomez
  • Gosens
  • Guerreiro
  • Kimmich
  • Kovacic
  • Kroos
  • Luis Alberto
  • Merino
  • Parejo
  • Renato Sanches
  • Sabitzer
  • Son
  • Stindl
  • Thiago


  • Andre Silva
  • Ben Yedder
  • Caputo
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Di Maria
  • Dybala
  • Grealish
  • Haaland
  • Immobile
  • Ings
  • Insigne
  • Joao Felix
  • Joselu
  • Kane
  • Kramaric
  • Lewandowski
  • Lukaku
  • Mane
  • Mbappe
  • Messi
  • Neymar
  • Salah
  • Sterling
  • Suarez
  • Vardy

Click here to vote.


So who will make the TOTY for 2020?

Here are our predictions.

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U23 Team

Speculation regarding a U23 team has ramped up as we get closer to the big day.

But, we're expecting this not to be the case.

The only thing we can anticipate is promo SBCs and Objectives that feature Flashback TOTY cards or Player Moment Cards.

Loading Screen


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Card Design

Here is the official TOTY card design for FIFA 21.

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The official voting is now closed.

Cast your votes in the polls below for who YOU want to see in the FUT 21 Team of the Year squad!

Once the voting ends on December 23rd at 12am, we’ll release your predictions for who you think makes the FIFA 21 Team of the Year!

Make sure to click the links below to head over to the strawpolls to cast your votes!

Please note that this is not an official EA partnered vote, we’ll be expecting the official vote to be released over the coming weeks, with communication coming through official EA channels.

Market Crash

While it's too early to tell what will happen, you may see a severe drop in the pricing of players within the FUT market.

This is due to players offloading their players in an attempt to round up coins for these cards.

It's also going to be partly due to the way EA tends to distribute these cards into packs.

Usually, EA will promote this event for at least a week, distributing each section of the team (goalkeepers/defence, midfield and attack) separately over a few days each.

They'll finally distribute them all at the same time into packs towards the end.

This obviously promotes a huge drive to pack spending and will create a lot of coins on the market, but only being distributed to specific cards.

Expected Content

Despite being just a week-long promo, we can expect a lot of top-level content throughout the week of TOTY This will include:

  • TOTY Themed Player Objectives - i.e. Flashbacks & Player Moments
  • TOTY Themed Player SBCs - i.e. Flashbacks & Player Moments
  • Icon SBCs
  • TOTY Upgrade & Pack SBCs
  • Promo Packs


Being one of the biggest promos of the year, it’d be daft for EA to miss out on FIFA Point sales.

Expect tonnes of promo packs to be released throughout the event, including lightning rounds most evenings for 50k, 100k and 125k packs.

  • Drafts - If you’re a solid FUT player, drafts will be without doubt the number one means to generate a large number of high-value packs for TOTY. If you’re able to consistently make it to the final or win drafts, you’ll be getting packs and rewards worth 3-4x the 15,000 coin entry fee, and will likely make back all those draft entry costs with pack pulls at TOTY!
  • Weekend League, Division Rivals & Squad Battle Rewards - Simply playing, and saving these rewards on a weekly basis will stock you up with tonnes of high-value packs!
  • SBC Packs - For those that don’t want to spend as much time grinding gameplay, SBC packs are a fantastic way to go. Plenty of upgrade packs, league SBC sets and one-off pack SBCs get released at multiple points throughout the week, giving you a route to generating good quantities of packs without the need of a gameplay grind.
  • Objectives - Be sure to check objectives regularly, as there are some good quality packs to be earned through simple, easy to complete tasks in Live FUT Friendlies.
  • Season Rewards - With FUT Season 2 kicking off, and another 30 levels of rewards to collect, there are plenty of season objective packs to collect that you can add to your TOTY pack collection!
  • EA Twitch Viewership Rewards - The FIFA Global Series Swaps program gives players the opportunity to earn packs and rewards through tuning into official EA live streams to watch tournaments, so be sure to take advantage of this. As well as this, other Twitch drops and Twitch Prime packs will allow you to stack up some extra packs for your collection!
  • Login Rewards - During some promotions, you can get login rewards for the number of days logged into FUT. Typically in the form of packs, you can save these to add to your pack collection.

How can you make the most of these packs and get those illusive blues?

Check out our guides below:



Last year, we saw the release of multiple TOTY Themed Objectives throughout the promotion, including a Player Moments Ziyech, a Flashback Andres Iniesta and a loan version of the 99 rated Cristiano Ronaldo, who was voted as the 12th man in TOTY by the community.




Team of the Year Themed Player SBCs

Player SBCs will feature in TOTY again no doubt, as last year we had a Player Moments Eden Hazard, Flashback Marcelo, Player Moments Bernardo Silva, Flashback David Luiz and Flashback Manuel Neuer.

Icon SBCs

With Icon SBCs being back for FUT 21, expect some big releases throughout the course of TOTY to allow people to submit some of their higher-end pack pulls. 

TOTY Upgrade & Pack SBCs

Perhaps one of the most requested areas of the promotion is good to upgrade packs for people to throw millions of coins at. Last year we had League specific 25k Player Packs, as well as repeatable 83+ packs. These will allow players to have a shot at the TOTY cards, and are great fun to sit and grind!

Also expect to see other challenge SBCs released throughout the event with other types of pack rewards.

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