The Fastest Way To Get Packs In FIFA 21 For TOTY

With Team of the Year on the horizon in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, it’s time to start thinking about which upgrade packs you’re going to want to craft for the event, but also how you go about crafting them.

If you’re looking to spend a large chunk of coins during TOTY, you’re going to be making a lot of upgrade packs potentially, so it’s best to have a plan of attack to save yourself time and coins in the process!

In this article, we’ll go over everything from buying all the players you’ll need to craft upgrade packs, as well as the process of creating the upgrades packs themselves.

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Tips On Buying Players For Upgrade Packs

If you’re crafting upgrade packs, there are a number of things you definitely need to take into account when you’re buying cards, as well as some other tips and tricks to implement to save you time and coins!

First of all, start by asking yourself, how many packs do you want to make?

Say you wanted to build 100 upgrade packs, and you need 11 players per squad to make 1 pack, that’s 1100 players in total you’ll have to buy to make them all.

Once you’ve figured out how many players in total you’ll need, the best way to go is to make a list of around 25-30 different, cheap players that you can buy in bulk to submit into these SBCs.

If you can, ensure you buy players from the same league, as this will make the process of crafting the SBCs far quicker!

When you’ve got a list of players you’re ready to buy, simply work out roughly how many you’ll need to buy of each to craft your desired pack total. So say you’re crafting 100 packs, you’ll need 1100 players. That means you’ll have to buy 25 different players 44 times over.

Now, it’s as simple as just buying all the players in your list x amount of times. You can do this by either:

  • Buying them directly from the transfer market using Buy It Now
  • Bidding on them and assigning them from the transfer targets.
A Few Things To Note When Buying Players:
  • You can assign an unlimited number of players to your unassigned pile, it just shows 50 at a time
  • Make sure to buy at least 25 different players, as every time you craft a pack, you’ll be able to go back to your unassigned and get at least 11 different players through to craft another SBC.
  • Don’t worry about buying players in a set order, the unassigned will display them pretty randomly when assigning them to your club.

How To Craft Upgrade Packs Quickly

So, let’s assume you’ve just gone through and bought all the players you’ll need to start crafting your upgrade packs, which is the best way to go about actually making them?

Assuming you’ve gone through and attempted to buy as many players from the same league as possible, you can very quickly go through and make each Upgrade Pack using the Squad Builder function when you load up the SBC.

Here’s the step by step guide to craft Upgrade SBCs as quick as possible:

  1. Select the Upgrade SBC you wish to complete
  2. Click Squad Builder - works best if you’ve bought players from the same league.
  3. Select the league you’ve bought players from, and make sure to toggle “Newest” to prioritise players you’ve just bought for SBCs.
  4. Click Create Squad, and submit the SBC, making sure to remove any players that you wish to keep, i.e. special cards or players for your team.
  5. Once you’ve used all the players in your club, back out and go to the store to open your unassigned pile.
  6. Assign players to your club. If you’ve bought 25+ different players, you’ll easily be able to assign at least 11 players each time to complete another SBC. Chances are you’ll be able to get through enough players to do 2 SBCs at once before having to assign again.

Now it’s just a case of rinse and repeat, until you’ve used up all the players in your unassigned pile. If possible, try to keep track of any players that begin to build up in the unassigned, and start making sure to use them in every squad, just to ensure you’re not left with all of 1 or 2 players at the end.

A Few Things To Note When Crafting SBCs
  • Make sure to send any high value tradeable cards from the league you’re using to the transfer list so they don’t get accidentally submitted.
  • If you’ve got any untradeable cards from the league that you don’t wish to accidentally submit, add them to a squad so you get notified when you’re about to submit them, or quick sell them and recover them once you’ve finished crafting packs (you’ll keep your stats and chemistry styles).
  • Keep your transfer list clear, as there may be times where you’ll have to send some cards to the transfer list from your unassigned pile if the same card begins to pop up. Occasionally you’ll have to do this to get some different cards to show, usually towards the end of the unassigned pile if there are one or two players you haven’t submitted too much.

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