FIFA 21 TOTY Packs: Tips On Saving Packs, When To Start And on How To Get Them For Cheap

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While Team of the Year may not be arriving for a couple of months in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, now is the perfect time to start saving packs for arguably the biggest promotion of the year!

It’s no secret that Team of the Year features some of the most desirable players in the FUT cycle, and is one of EA’s main attractions for pack sales throughout the year, offering the highest level cards in the game.


Here’s our guide for saving and stacking packs for Team of the Year, be sure to share your progress on socials using the #TOTYPackProject

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When Is Team of the Year?

While we don’t necessarily have all the dates confirmed for FUT 21, we should be expecting TOTY to kick off in early January, either on 4th January 2021 or 11th January 2021. 

While that may sound like a while off, it’s worth getting prepared as early as possible to generate and save as many packs as possible!

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Should You Start Saving Packs For TOTY?

Why not? Unless you’re really struggling for coins and need to open reward packs to keep your clubs growing, there’s really no reason to not save packs for Team of the Year.


Over the coming weeks, with Black Friday, a potential UCL Team of the Group Stage and FUTMAS, there won’t be much in the way of big promo cards in packs, meaning it may just be better to start saving now for one of the biggest promos of the year!

While it may be tempting to open packs for these promos, try to stay strong and patient, and think of those higher tier blue cards that will be available soon!

The earlier you start saving, the more packs you’ll have for TOTY!

How Do I Get Tonnes Of Saved Packs?

While the FIFA Point section may be very tempting to get packs for TOTY, there are so many ways in which you can generate and save packs for TOTY, here are all the ways I’ve been saving packs!

  1. Drafts - If you’re a solid FUT player, drafts will be without doubt the number one means to generate a large number of high value packs for TOTY. If you’re able to consistently make it to the final or win drafts, you’ll be getting packs and rewards worth 3-4x the 15,000 coin entry fee, and will likely make back all those draft entry costs with pack pulls at TOTY!
  2. Weekend League, Division Rivals & Squad Battle Rewards - Simply playing, and saving these rewards on a weekly basis will stock you up with tonnes of high value packs!
  3. SBC Packs - For those that don’t want to spend as much time grinding gameplay, SBC packs are a fantastic way to go. Plenty of upgrade packs, league SBC sets and one-off pack SBCs get released at multiple points throughout the week, giving you a route to generating good quantities of packs without the need of a gameplay grind.
  4. Objectives - Be sure to check objectives regularly, as there are some good quality packs to be earned through simple, easy to complete tasks in Live FUT Friendlies.
  5. Season Rewards - With FUT Season 2 kicking off, and another 30 levels of rewards to collect, there are plenty of season objective packs to collect that you can add to your TOTY pack collection!
  1. EA Twitch Viewership Rewards - The FIFA Global Series Swaps program gives players the opportunity to earn packs and rewards through tuning into official EA live streams to watch tournaments, so be sure to take advantage of this. As well as this, other Twitch drops and Twitch Prime packs will allow you to stack up some extra packs for your collection!
  2. Login Rewards - During some promotions, you can get login rewards for the number of days logged into FUT. Typically in the form of packs, you can save these to add to your pack collection.

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What Packs Do I Save?

Really, you can save every single pack if you wish, you never know which pack may have a TOTY hiding inside.

Typically however, I save everything above a 7.5k pack, or any pack that is purely containing players. Opening lower end packs such as 5k Gold Packs that you obtain through drafts/SBCs/objectives etc will keep the club stocked with some low rated gold cards that can be useful for completing more SBCs for cheap.

Track Your Saved Packs

To keep track of your grind, you can use my (@MattFUTTrading) #TOTYPackProject spreadsheet! This will keep track of all your pack quantities, give you the coin value of all the packs saved, the FIFA Point value of your packs, as well as the monetary value it would cost to obtain all your packs!


To use:

  1. Click this Google Sheets link.
  2. Click ‘Use Template’ in the top right hand corner
  3. Start entering your pack quantities

It really is as simple as that!

Good luck for your TOTY Pack saving grinds, and be sure to share your progress on Twitter using the #TOTYPackProject