FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: TOTY Review, Future Stars Preview, POTM, Current Meta (FUT Weekly Friday Flash Podcast Episode 1)

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has been in a frenzy this week as one of the best promotional events of the year launched - that being Team of the Year. With plenty of content to talk about, the guys will be covering Team of the Year, Future Stars, Icons Swaps 2, December POTM and the current meta.

The FUT Weekly Podcast presents the 'Friday Flash' powered by Gfinity - every Friday Ben and Matt will be reviewing the most recent content within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, as well as talk about upcoming promotional events and what is happening in the wider FUT world!


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TOTY Content Reaction

Ben and Matt react to the latest content including the Team of the Year as the latest content reveals the 12th man!

How does the full TOTY stack up in comparison to this additional player?

The guys also reveal their tips for recycling packs and how to get the most out of this promotional event.


We'll also get analysis on the TOTY Flashback and Moments SBCs

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Future Stars

Future Stars is likely to be the next promotional event, you can read more about it here.


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Icon Swap 2 Tokens, Objectives And POTM

Our two hosts will cover the most recent objectives in Icon Swaps 2 as new tokens have been made available.

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Current Meta

With so many new cards, Ben and Matt discuss what the next meta team will look like and how the TOTY has impacted Weekend League teams.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91