FIFA 21 Black Friday Deals Promo LIVE: Release Date, Record Breaker Cards, Packs, Best Of TOTW, Expected Content And Everything You Need To Know

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The Black Friday Event in FUT has been a yearly occurrence since FIFA 15, which is promo heavily focused on packs.

Every year, it gives players a chance to dip into the savings and take advantage of this lucrative opportunity.

With everything from the expected release dates to expected content such as Best of TOTW, to pack lightning rounds and flash SBCs, here’s everything we can expect from FIFA 21 Ultimate Team’s Black Friday promotion.

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  • FIFA 21 Deals
  • What Is Black Friday In FUT?
  • Release Date
  • Expected Content
  • Best of Team of the Week

Latest News

Record Breaker Cards - 27th November

New Record Breaker cards are now live in packs!

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FIFA 21 Deals

Looking to buy FIFA 21 this Black Friday? Grab it right here:

What Is Black Friday In FUT?

Black Friday is a very heavy pack promotion that occurs on the last Friday of every November, among the millions of worldwide deals and offers to encourage Black Friday spending.

The promotion is typically a short term one, with 24 hours of continuous offers on both Black Friday, as well as Super Sunday and/or Cyber Monday in the past.

During this time, we see the introduction of the biggest packs into FUT, big new SBCs, flash SBCs, as well as the first Best of TOTW of the year!

It’s certainly not a promo to miss, both for the content, but also the potential market implications (we’ll get onto that closer to the time).

Black Friday Promo Release Date

Black Friday this year falls on Friday 27th November, and we’d expect the FUT Black Friday promotion to begin on the same day, with some buildup in the days prior.

In previous years we’ve also had Cyber Monday and Super Sunday promotions, in which the offers released in the 24 hour Black Friday period are replicated and re-released for a 2nd time on these days.

Black Friday Expected Content

The Black Friday Promotion is a very content heavy period of FUT, with plenty of exciting releases that will certainly grab the attention of players. Over the course of the promotion, we can expect:

  • Hourly Pack Lightning Rounds & Promo Packs
  • Best of Team of the Week
  • Player SBCs
  • Flash Squad Building Challenges
  • Upgrade SBCs & TOTW Upgrade SBCs
  • League Specific SBCs

Hourly Pack Lightning Rounds & Promo Packs

Without doubt the biggest part of the promotion will be the millions, yes, millions of packs that will be released and sold throughout the course of the promotion between Friday and Monday. 

Last year, starting at 2pm on Black Friday, we had new pack offers on the hour every hour for well over 24 hours, featuring

  • 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
  • 25k Rare Gold Packs
  • 25k Premium Gold Players Packs
  • 30k Rare Electrum Players Packs
  • 35k Mega Packs
  • 45k Prime Gold Players Packs
  • 50k Rare Players Packs
  • 55k Rare Mega Packs
  • 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • 125k Ultimate Packs

These were all released as either lightning rounds, with a global limit, or with personal account limits.

Best of Team of the Week

To encourage some FIFA Point purchases, EA has released the first ‘Best of TOTW’ squad around Black Friday, re-releasing some of the top tier cards that have received In-Form items back into packs.

  • 94 Lionel Messi
  • 92 Robert Lewandowski
  • 91 Sadio Mane
  • 90 Thibaut Courtois
  • 90 Sergio Ramos
  • 89 Bruno Fernandes
  • 89 N’Golo Kante
  • 87 Gomez
  • 86 Marcus Rashford
  • 86 Kyle Walker
  • 86 Wissam Ben Yedder
  • 85 Federico Valverde
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Player SBCs

Throughout the Black Friday promotion, expect a few Player SBCs to be dropped throughout, such as Player Moments or Flashback cards. Last year we had Player Moments Morales and Player Moments Bailey SBCs released, and given EAs increase in SBC content this year, we’d expect even more!

Flash Squad Building Challenges

Last year during Black Friday and Super Sunday, we saw well over 30 Flash SBCs released, which were available for 1 hour, and offered tonnes of pack rewards for relatively cheap.

Be sure to stock up your clubs during lightning rounds for cheap SBC fodder, i.e. players from good nations and good leagues, as these will be vital when it comes to completing these SBCs.

Upgrade SBCs & TOTW SBCs

In FIFA 20, we saw plenty of upgrade SBCs, including the 81-87 upgrade SBC, as well as the 82+ guaranteed SBC. Expect these to return in FIFA 21’s Black Friday event with some new additions, such as the double 81+, 83+ and plenty more.

TOTW Upgrade SBCs should also return alongside the best of TOTW to act as somewhat of a coin drain, with both tradeable and untradeable options available for players to complete.

League Specific SBCs

Finally, we should be seeing some League specific SBCs released throughout Black Friday for the top 5 leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga and Serie A).

Last year saw us get the standard upgrades for all 5 of these leagues, for 3 non-rare gold players from the specified league, as well as a double 81+ upgrade for all 5 leagues. This year, we expect these SBCs to return, with potentially the Premium League Upgrade SBCs, with 12 gold players, 3 of which are rare, all from the specified league.

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