FIFA 21 Road To The Final Team 3 LIVE: RTTF 3 Squad, Predictions, Release Date And Time, Card Designs, SBC, Upgrade Dates, Expected Content And Everything You Need To Know

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The Road to the Final promo is coming back now that we're into the knockout stages of the game

Tomorrow, a new set of RTTF cards will arrive in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team!


Now we're down to the final 16, as part of the FUT Freeze promo event, we'll get a third team; the first time this has happened in any promo.

Here's what we know about the RTTF promo.

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Latest News

RTTF Team 3 - 18th December

Team 3 Coming TOMORROW - 18th December

Road to the Final Team 3 drops on Friday 18th December, with a whole host of new cards from teams that have made it through to the knockout stages.

Given that these cards have already reached the knockout stages, they should be receiving a Double Upgrade, one for the initial boost given to RTTF cards, and another for reaching the knockout stages of the competition.


From the loading screen, we can already predict some of the cards we'll be seeing. An 84 physical player from Real Madrid could be anyone from Varane, Mendy or Valverde.

On the left hand side of the loading screen, we have a player with 78 shooting and 81 defending, who could very well be Wijnaldum.

Finally, on the right hand side, we have an 89 dribbling CAM, who could be either Brandt or Reus from Dortmund, giving the Bundesliga side an attacking option.

In terms of other cards we'd love to see in this promo, Neymar would certainly be an incredible headline card to have in the team, and would also recognise his fine Champions League form. From Barcelona, we'd love to see a De Jong or Dest card, as both would fill areas in the league with somewhat of a gap for meta teams. Finally, we'd love to see some more Chelsea representation in Road to the Final, and Pulisic would be a prime candidate, getting a boost all the way to an 86, making him a meta card in the Premier League.

What Is Road To The Final?

Road To The Final is EA Sports’ flagship promotion for the UEFA Champions League, offering exciting new cards that dynamically upgrade throughout the UCL campaign.

Every year, cards from each of the UEFA Champions League teams competing (that are included in FUT), receive boosted Road To The Final items that upgrade the further the team progresses in the competition, theoretically meaning that any card released could be upgraded 6 times by the end of the UCL campaign!


Road To The Final Team 1

Here is the UCL team for the RTTF promo.

  • 92 Oblak
  • 91 Salah
  • 88 Griezmann
  • 86 Rashford
  • 85 Zakaria
  • 84 Perisic
  • 84 Taison
  • 84 Davies
  • 83 Klostermann
  • 82 Muriel
  • 82 Sanson

Road To The Final Team 2


Europa League

Here is the Europea League team for the RTTF promo.

  • 88 Aubameyang
  • 86 Ndidi
  • 84 Diaby
  • 82 Renato Sanches
  • 81 Bruno Peres

Release Date

This year, Road To The Final arrived on Friday 6th November - featuring Team 1 for the UCL.


Team 1 for the Europa Leauge arrived on the 10th November

Team 2 for the UCL will arrive on the 13th November.

Team 3 is arriving on the 18th December.


Road to the Final is arriving this Friday in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, bringing the UEFA Champions League and Europa League competitions firmly into the limelight in FUT with crazy new dynamic cards that upgrade depending on team successes during the European competition.

With loads of new top tier cards from the very best clubs in Europe coming into FUT 21, we’re eager to see who gets added this Friday in Road To the Final Team 1!

Team 2 Prediction


Team 1 Prediction

We’re expecting 2 teams of Road To The Final Cards to be released over the next 2 weeks, here are our picks for players we’d love to see in Road To The Final Team 1!




Here are the confirmed SBCs for this promotional event:

How Do Road To The Final Cards Upgrade?

Unlike Ones To Watch, Road to the Final card upgrades aren’t based on individual player performances but are instead based on how the overall team performs throughout the UEFA Champions League and Europa League competitions.

Road To The Final Upgrades have remained consistent since the promotion's inception back in FIFA 19, and cards will get upgraded by the equivalent of an in-form upgrade when they:

  • Receive their initial Road to the Final item
  • Qualify for the Knockout Stage
  • Win the 1st Knockout Game
  • Qualify for the Quarter Finals
  • Qualify for the Semi-Finals
  • Qualify for the Final
  • Win the UEFA Champions League

Furthermore, if a team of a card that currently has a Road To the Final UCL card gets knocked out of the Champions League to go down to the Europa League, the card switches to a Europa League RTTF, whereby upgrades are still possible should the team go on a run.

Card upgrades work relatively the same for the Europa League items, with upgrades occurring when teams of players:

  • Receive their initial Road to the Final item
  • Qualify for the Knockout Stage
  • Qualify for the Round of 16
  • Qualify for the Quarter Finals
  • Qualify for the Semi Finals
  • Qualify for the Final
  • Win the UEFA Europa League

Other Expected Road To The Final Content

Outside of the Road to the Final Teams that will be released into packs, there’s other content you can also expect from the Road To The Final Promotion, including:

  • Road to the Final Player SBCs
  • Road to the Final Objectives
  • UCL Themed SBCs & Objectives
  • Promo Packs
Road To The Final Player SBCs

As is the case with most big promotions, expect some Road To The Final Player SBC content to be released throughout the 2 week-long event.

In FIFA 20 we saw the likes of Joe Gomez released as an RTTF SBC, that was an incredibly popular card last year. We can expect similar cards with big upgrade potential to be released this year in FUT 21.

Road To The Final Player Objectives

We’ve been getting a tonne of Objective content recently, and we’d expect that to continue through into Road To The Final, with Objective-based content for UCL cards and RTTF cards themselves.

UCL Themed SBCs & Objectives

Outside of general UCL player SBCs and Objectives, expect tonnes of other UCL content throughout the promo. UCL Upgrade SBCs for UCL Rares should be released, allowing for some higher-end pack pulls from UCL Teams, as well as things such as UCL Marquee Matchups, UCL throwback SBCs, UCL themed stadium customisation and plenty more!

Promo Packs

As is the way with any promotion in FUT that has highly sought after packable players, expect a lot of promo packs to be on offer in the store on a daily basis, and potentially even some lightning rounds for packs such as 50k Rare Players Packs, or even 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs.