FIFA 21 TOTY: Best Player SBCs To Complete During Team of the Year

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With Team of the Year around the corner in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, it’s time to start looking at all the various ways you can look to improve your team during this event.

Sure, there will be a squad of at least 11 incredible Team of the Year items to choose from if you have the coins, but let’s not ignore the impressive SBC selection that you’ll have available to ‘craft’ for cheap while you open packs during the promotion.


Here are a selection of SBCs you can look to craft during the event, utilising any higher-rated pack pulls you get while ripping packs for those blue TOTY cards.

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How To Craft Player SBCs For Cheap During TOTY

This will be discussed in far greater detail in a full article going over several methods, including the League SBC Method, and the Upgrade Packs Method.

In short, during Team of the Year, many players will choose to open packs in a number of ways, be it through:

  • Opening collected saved packs
  • Grinding through League SBCs to open the reward packs
  • Spending coins on available Upgrade SBCs during TOTY
  • Opening packs with FIFA Points

During the process of opening packs at TOTY, it’s highly likely that you’ll get high rated cards, i.e. 83+ that you’ll need to submit into high rated squads to complete some of these SBCs.


By opening enough packs and packing enough high rated players, you’ll slowly be able to collect enough high rated cards to “craft” some of the available player SBCs.

Be sure to check out our full article going over How To Craft Player SBCs for Cheap During TOTY for all the information!

Player SBCs To Complete During TOTY

With so many Player SBCs out in FUT currently, with high value POTM items, as well as Icon SBCs, with plenty to come during TOTY, there’s a tonne of talent you can look to add into your team during TOTY from the SBC section, here are just a few!

POTM Bruno Fernandes - 92 CAM

While it’s very likely that Bruno Fernandes may make it into TOTY, his 92 rated POTM is certainly one to consider completing in the event that you’re unable to pack his TOTY from your various pack grinds.


Coming in currently at a cost of around 1.1 million coins on both consoles, Bruno is certainly one of the more expensive SBCs we’re likely to see this year, requiring 2x 84, an 85, 86, 87 and 88 rated squad, with 3 IFs needed throughout his set as well.

TOTY is the perfect time to look at crafting Manchester United’s talismanic midfielder, as you can slowly chip away at the half a dozen squads with various pack pulls while having a shot at packing the TOTYs.

Being one of the best midfield players this year, Bruno can play anywhere in the midfield, be it as a deeper playmaking CDM with his 75 defending, a more box to box midfielder, or an out and out CAM to take advantage of his 3 92+ rated technical stats.

Obviously, with a potential Bruno TOTY also likely to be in packs, this may be one to consider completing towards the back end of your pack openings, just to ensure you don’t put all your SBC fodder into completing a POTM item before packing his much higher rated TOTY version.

Prime Kaka - 91 CAM

Icons are certainly a good place to look during TOTY this year, with plenty of high value Prime Icons available to complete, which will be very handy in linking together multiple TOTY cards from different leagues.


The first of 3 icons we recommend considering picking up is Kaka, the most expensive Icon SBC we have currently, valued at 1.3m coins, nearly 250k cheaper than his tradeable alternative. Requiring an 83, 84, 85, 2x86, an 87 and 88 rated squad, there’s plenty to chip away at to complete Kaka, but he’ll be more than worth it.

Having used his base version for the past couple of months, Kaka’s Prime is top of my list of Icons to craft during TOTY, fitting perfectly into the attacking midfield role in most formations.

Fabio Cannavaro - 92 CB

With many people starting to implement 3 at the back formations such as the 352 in FUT, Cannavaro looks to be a perfect icon SBC to complete to add into a defensive trio.

Valued around 100k cheaper than his tradeable Icon version, Cannavaro’s SBC comes in from scratch around the 900,000 coin mark on Playstation and Xbox, being made up of an 82, 84, 2x86 and an 88 rated squad.

The big question mark many will have over Cannavaro on FUT is his shorter stature in the game, standing at only 5’9”. Having used him in previous FIFAs, and having tested out his loan version, it’s safe to say that his height shouldn’t be of major concern.

When the ball is on the ground, Cannavaro is without doubt one of the best defenders you can use in FIFA, with his lower centre of gravity, 84 acceleration, higher than average agility and balance, and of course his 95 defending all coming together to make him a defensive force, capable of nipping in to win the ball on most occasions.


Roberto Carlos - 91 LB

Finishing off our trio of icons that we’d recommend looking at during TOTY, we have potentially the best LB ever to step foot onto a football pitch, Roberto Carlos.

Carlos comes in at a similar cost to his tradeable version at around 1.2 million coins, with an 83, 2x84, 85, 86, 87 and 88 rated squads needed to complete the Brazilian.

Obviously, the comparison to Roberto Carlos will always be the TOTY Alphonso Davies that we’re pretty much guaranteed to receive during the TOTY event this year, so this may be an SBC to complete if you’re unable to pack the Canadian, and don’t have intentions on buying him.

Nevertheless, we can’t understate Carlos’ ability in the game, being one of the best attacking full-backs you can obtain, with everything you’ll need in defence and attack, not forgetting, of course, his rocket of a long shot and free-kick.

Base OR Mid Icon SBC

To round off our list of SBCs that you’ll be able to craft during TOTY, we have the Base OR Mid Icon SBC that’s available until mid-late February.


If you’re looking for a chance at packing some of the top level base or mid icons, the Base OR Mid icon SBC that will be available throughout TOTY will be the perfect place to put some of your higher rated SBC fodder.

Available for around 500k from scratch, with requirements set at an 83, 2x 85 and an 86 rated squad, this will be a relatively simple SBC to craft it seems, and will, at worst, return back icons that you’ll be able to submit into future, higher value Icon SBCs as Icon requirements.

We’d obviously recommend completing any specific player SBCs first that you have your eye on to guarantee some upgrades to your team, however this SBC is certainly worth a punt during TOTY.