FIFA 20: Best Right Back Premier League Players In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team recently underwent a big shakeup in the metagame, as it does every year, with the introduction of Team of the Year cards. The right-back position has had limited options in past years for the Premier League, but this year we've been treated to plenty of options.

We've teamed up with pro-FIFA player Rannerz to provide you with the best FIFA 20 tips and tricks so you can improve your Ultimate Team and hopefully your Weekend League record!


So who is the best Premier League Right Back in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team? Here's my guide.

Why Is The Right Back Important?

Right-back is normally disregarded as an important position when building a team, but they add much more value than you may think.

One of there most underrated qualities is having a reliable player when defending a corner.

A corner counter-attack can lead to a lot of goals and if you're not careful your fullbacks will end up being your last line of defence.

Of course as well as that, they are vital to stop opposing wingers from getting down your line; which is an easy way from your opponent to score from.

But it's not just about their defending duties, by playing your fullbacks on balanced/join the attack they can also be extremely valuable in the attack.


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TOTY Trent-Alexander Arnold - The Best Right Back In The Premier League

Trent is an exceptional card - not only is he the best RB in the premier league, but also FIFA 20.

He's extremely well rounded and great in so many areas and will set you back just under 1,000,000 coins.

The best Chemistry Style to use is Anchor.



Headliners Kyle Walker - Second Best Option

Kyle Walker's Headliners card is fast, strong and defensively solid with plenty of room for potential upgrades.

He's far cheaper than you might expect, costing under 400,000 coins.

Unfortunately, he does lack the desirable agility and dribbling stats you would want, but otherwise, he is an exceptional card.

The best Chemistry Style to use is Guardian.

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João Cancelo - An Affordable Option

For those that would rather spend their coins in other areas, João Cancelo is a great option and my personal favourite; he costs under 20,000 coins.

He's fast, tall and has a good physical presence about him. Not only that but he has decent agility and can certainly dribble

His defensive stats may not be incredible and admittedly could be higher, but not usually noticeable.

The best Chemistry Style to use is Shadow.

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Written ByConran Tobin@Rannerz