FIFA 20: Winter Refresh Players, Icon Moments List, Top 50 Winter Upgrades, Transfers and OTW Release Date, Ratings And Predictions

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WINTER REFRESH IS NOW LIVE! The latest promotional event in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has now gone live and you can find all of the information right here.

Although the event has yet to finish, we're already looking ahead to the latest promotional event - Shapeshifters.

Previously known as Ratings Refresh or Winter Upgrades, this promo will bring new cards for players as they have moved clubs and may receive increased stats to reflect their current form.

The promotional event will bring ICON Moments, the Winter Refresh team, League SBC Updates, League Objective Player Updates, player upgrades, new players as well as weak foot and skill move upgrades.

We can also expect to receive Winter themed OTW cards at a later date.

Although the base cards are not as special as some of the big promo cards, they are far more common to pack and can be converted for quick cash.

If you can invest wisely, past in-forms will also receive an upgrade if their stats exceed those items, making for great investments.

Here's everything you need to know!

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You can quickly find the information you're looking for by clicking the link below:

The Latest News And Update


Manchester United fans might have spotted that Brandon Williams has been added to FIFA 20. A 66-rated LB with 82 pace, he's a silver card. There are over one hundred players that have been added, so keep your eye out!


Read all about the new promo for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team right HERE.

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20th February

Bundesliga League SBC Lainer is now available in-game

19th February

The Premier League Player Upgrade is now live in-game. Complete the Objectives on your way to unlock 87 Trossard.

19th February

Wylan Cyprien SBC is now live in-game

19th February

Looks like transfers are now live in FUT – you can find out more here.

17th February

Hummels' Flashback SBC is now live in-game!

16th February

A new player objective has arrived as well as an 83+ player SBC.

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15th February

Verstraete league player has been upgraded and objectives are now live!

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League SBC for Correa is now available!

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Winter Refresh is now LIVE!

The promotional event will bring ICON Moments, the Winter Refresh team, League SBC Updates, League Objective Player Updates, player upgrades, new players as well as weak foot and skill move upgrades

Here's what you can expect during the event:

fifa 20 winter refresh news
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When Is Winter Refresh And OTW? 

Winter Refresh and Winter OTW will arrive on the 14th February 2020 and finish on the 23rd February.

Last year, Winter Refresh began on the 15th February 2019. The event will begin at 6pm GMT.

In previous games, Winter Upgrades have arrived sometime between the end of January and the end of February.

This will also include Winter Transfers.

Winter Refresh Team

Inspired by the real-world clubs making signings to help improve their squads, now is the time for FIFA players to do the same.

Each Winter Refresh team player will receive a uniquely tailored permanent upgrade designed to help improve a FUT club by filling either a position gap, aiding team building, adding depth, accessibility or new options within their league or nation in FUT.

To put it simply, it seems some stats have been MASSIVELY boosted (similar to Ultimate Scream) e.g. Ibrahimovic has now got 88 pace.

Icon Moments

Icon Moments have arrived with Winter Refresh - you can find all of the dynamic images here.

A brand new item for all 89 ICONs that celebrates a special moment in their career which propelled them to the top of the footballing world!

The ICON Moment item represents the highest-rated version of an ICON in FUT 20 with brand new ratings upgrades inspired by their ICON moment.

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icon moments fifa 20
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icon moments fifa 20
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icon moments fifa 20
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Will Prime Icon Prices Crash?

So with news revealing that Prime Icon moments will arrive in the new Winter Refresh promo, some players are concerned about the price crash.

u/ves_111 recently wrote that he bought Prime Raul on PC when he was 1.8 million coins only for him to reduce to 1.4 million.

If you're worried about a crash, it could be worth selling on your cards now. However, the prices will likely rise once again as players realise their prices are not attainable.

However, the longer the season goes on, the less valuable these players will become.

Icon Swaps 3

With Icon Swaps 3, the last of the bunch, looming nearer you can expect Icon Moments to feature in this set.

We've gathered everything you need to get ready right here.

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Who Has Been Updated?

EA have revealed the top 50 upgrades - these are players that have received an upgrade of 3 or more in their overall rating.

fifa 20 winter refresh top 50
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fifa 20 top 50 winter refresh
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New Players Being Added To FUT

New players are being added to FIFA 20 as part of Winter Refresh - these players will be added between 16th-22nd February.

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Investing In Special Cards

As Winter Refresh fast approaches, there are a few cards you MUST invest in so you can turn a quick profit.

If you weren't aware, not only do base cards get a boost, but their corresponding special cards too.

Some examples are:

Sadio Mane - 88 > 90 (+2)

  • 89 TOTY Nominee > 91
  • 89 In-Form > 91
  • 90 In-Form > 92
  • 90 Road to the Final > 92
  • 91 POTM > 93

Raheem Sterling - 88 > 89 (+1)

  • 89 TOTY Nominee > 90
  • 89 Team of the Group Stage > 90
  • 90 Headliner > 91

Roberto Firmino - 86 > 88 (+2)

Firmino is definitely deserving of a big boost this Winter, and is expected to receive an 88 rated gold upgrade.

  • 87 TOTY Nominee > 89
  • 87 Hero > 89
  • 88 In-Form > 90

You can read the full list here.

Skill Move And Weak Foot Upgrades

A players ratings and stats are not the only things to receive an upgrade.

Players will also receive upgrades to their skill moves and weak foot to reflect their performance - this will take place on the 14th February at 6pm GMT

Over 100 players are receiving upgrades, here's who will be upgraded:

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Winter Refresh Predictions

As we draw closer to the Winter Upgrades/Winter Refresh, we'll be adding our predictions:

Premier League

Our top 3 picks for the Premier League are:

  • Sadio Mane - 88 > 89 (+1)
  • Heung Min Son - 87 > 88 (+1)
  • Roberto Firmino - 86 > 88 (+2)

You can read our full predictions for the Premier League here.

Be sure to check out predictions from our friends at RealSport101.

La Liga

Our top 3 picks for La Liga are:

  • Casemiro - 87 > 88 (+1)
  • Karim Benzema - 87 > 88 (+1)
  • Raphael Varane - 85 > 86 (+1)

You can read our full predictions for La Liga here.

Be sure to check out predictions from our friends at RealSport101.

Serie A

Our top 3 picks for Serie A are:

  • Ciro Immobile - 86 > 88 (+2) 
  • Dries Mertens - 87 > 88 (+1)
  • Luis Alberto - 84 > 86 (+2)

You can read our full predictions for Serie A here.

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Our top 3 picks for the Bundesliga are:

  • Robert Lewandowski - 89 > 91 (+2)
  • Joshua Kimmich - 86 > 87 (+1)
  • Timo Werner - 83 > 86 (+3)

You can read our full predictions for Bundesliga here.

Be sure to check out predictions from our friends at RealSport101.

Ligue 1

Our top 3 picks for the Bundesliga are:

  • Marco Verratti - 86 > 87 (+1)
  • Angel Di Maria - 86 > 87 (+1)
  • Mauro Icardi - 85 > 86 (+1)

You can read our full predictions for Ligue 1 here.

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Rest of the World

Our top 3 picks for the ROTW are:

  • Hakim Ziyech - 85 > 86 (+1)
  • Andre Onana - 82 > 85 (+3)
  • Pizzi - 84 > 85 (+1)

You can read our full predictions for the Rest of the World here.

Be sure to check out predictions from our friends at RealSport101.


How Do The Winter Upgrades Work in FUT? 

Every year in FUT, there are a tonne of questions regarding how Winter Upgrades work in-game.

Below are a few things you should know for this year:

  • If a player has an updated rating, the new base version will be available in packs.
  • Previous base versions (i.e. the card before the upgrade), do not receive upgrades.
  • In-Form and other special cards may be upgraded, depending on the level of the upgrade of the new base version.
  • If stats on the new base upgrade exceed stats on previously released special items, you’ll see special items receive an upgrade.

The In-Form Upgrades system can be found below.

  • 62 > 72
  • 63 > 73
  • 64 > 74
  • 65 > 75
  • 66 > 75
  • 67 > 76
  • 68 > 76
  • 69 > 77
  • 70 > 78
  • 71 > 78
  • 72 > 79
  • 73 > 79
  • 74 > 80
  • 75 > 81
  • 76 > 81
  • 77 > 81
  • 78 > 82
  • 79 > 82
  • 80 > 83
  • 81 > 84
  • 82 > 84
  • 83 > 85 
  • 84 > 86
  • 85 Onwards > +1

So let’s take Sadio Mane for example, who’s base card is currently an 88 in FUT.

If he receives an upgrade to an 89 rated gold card to reflect his fantastic league form, you’ll see all his previously released In-Form items get an upgrade of +1. 

As we move closer towards Winter Upgrades, be sure to keep an eye on SoFIFA’s page, as they’ll constantly be updating a tonne of player ratings!

We’ll release a full list of potential Winter Upgrades candidates in a few weeks!

Winter Ones To Watch


Winter Ones to Watch will feature as a big part of the Winter promotions, taking a selection of recently transferred stars and giving them special dynamic cards.

These dynamic cards will upgrade every time that player receives an upgrade. They will start on the same rating as their most recent in-form card.

During the Winter Ones to Watch promotion, we can expect a tonne of content in FUT, including:

  • Winter Ones to Watch Team
  • OTW Player SBCs
  • Pack SBCs
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs
  • Winter OTW Weekly Objectives
  • Packs and Lightning Rounds

So far we've had Florenzi confirmed as a Winter OTW!

You can read all about Winter Ones to Watch here.


Winter Ones To Watch Predictions

Our top 3 picks for Winter Ones To Watch are:

  • 89 Christian Eriksen - Inter Milan
  • 87 Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United
  • 86 Steven Bergwijn - Spurs

You can read our full predictions for Winter Ones To Watch here.

League Objective Player Update

During Winter Refresh every League Objective Player will be updated with a new upgraded version to work towards.

This will be the final League Objective Player Upgrade the player will receive during FUT20.

The original League Player Item must be used in order to obtain the next upgraded version of a League Player.

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League Squad Building Challenges Update

Beginning from Winter Refresh through the course of FUT 20, every League SBC will be updated with the addition of a new player to the Player Pick reward granted for completing the group SBC.

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What's After Winter Refresh? - FUT Carniball

So what comes next after Ratings Refresh?

FUT Carniball is expected to be the first promotional event of March, predicted to fall within the first week (6th March).

Carniball celebrates the world-famous Carnivals held throughout February and March across the globe. Select players from major Carnival host countries will receive special cards, with massive stat boosts and placed into packs.

You can read all about it here.

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