F1 22 - How to Drift

Image of a Ferrari driven by Carlos Sainz leading a race in F1 22.

Image of a Ferrari driven by Carlos Sainz leading a race in F1 22.

Zipping around the track as fast as possible is the aim of F1 22, but sometimes you may want to complete a lap in style. If so, you'll want to learn how to drift in F1 22, to skid around corners with a bit of flair. It's not the easiest process and it's unlikely to help your pace, but it's worth trying for some trophies regardless.

In this F1 22 guide, we'll run through how you drift around corners. While not entirely useful in high-intensity races, it plays a key role in the new Pirelli Hot Laps mode, with a trophy directly tied to it. As such, completionists will need to know all about drifting.

For even more on F1 22, we've got guides on how to change the camera view, as well as how to change your difficulty. If you aren't sure on your skill level just yet, you may want to use the adaptive AI feature to find out what level you're racing at.

How Do I Drift in F1 22?

The first thing you should know about drifting in F1 22 is that it's notoriously difficult. Formula 1 cars aren't really set up to skid across the track, with their chunky tyres and low frames designed to boost stability. Nonetheless, it is possible to drift around a corner, looking like a pro as you do it.

You'll want to start off by heading into the Assist Settings menu, and turning off the Drift Assist setting. This is designed to ensure your tyres don't lock up if you take a corner late, but since that's how to activate a drift, you'll need it off.

Since there isn't a handbrake button, drifting in F1 22 is an entirely manual process. You'll want to start by approaching a corner and braking later than suggested on the racing line. As you hear the tyres start to screech, begin turning into the corner, and reapply the throttle. This will give the back tyres more momentum, pushing your car's rear out in a drift. Use the left stick to control the car as you go, counter-steering to ensure you don't spin out entirely.

It's not a precise art, but that's the closest you can get to a proper drift in F1 22. It's rare that you'll find yourself using the feature, because in tense Formula 1 races, drifting will tend to lose you valuable time.

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Can I Drift in F1 22 Pirelli Hot Laps?

Drifting is most important in the new game mode Pirelli Hot Laps. This new arcade mode lets you drive around F1 tracks in supercars, which tend to handle very differently to your average Formula 1 car.

One of the trophies tied to this mode is called Drifty. It tasks you with drifting for a total of three minutes in the Pirelli Drift Invitational mode. It's easier there, because you drive in supercars rather than race-tuned F1 vehicles. Simply follow the same method as already outlined to trigger a drift, and keep on top of your throttle and steering to ensure you don't lose traction and spin.

It should be slightly easier to drift in these cars due to their less grippy tyres and generally lower speeds. As such, the three minute drift threshold for the Drifty trophy shouldn't be too hard. Just don't expect drifting in F1 races to be quite as easy. It won't be!

That's it for our tips on how to drift in F1 22. For even more on the game, check out how to change race length, adjusting it to your preferences.

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