F1 22: How to Change Difficulty

f1 22, change difficulty

f1 22, change difficulty

One of the best things about Codemasters' F1 games is how you can change the experience to perfectly match what you're after. With 100+ difficulty levels and a variety of assists that you can turn on or off, it's perfect for players with all levels of sim racing experience. Sometimes you'll want to change difficulty in F1 22, though. Since it's not that simple, we've put together a guide on how to do exactly that.

The difficulty you choose is different in each mode, so you'll want to be sure you're getting it right. There are also more options in F1 22 than in previous games, so we'll run through how those work down below too.

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How Do I Change Difficulty in F1 22?

Unlike in previous years, there doesn't seem to be an option to change F1 22's difficulty from the settings during the loading screens between parts of a Grand Prix weekend. Instead, you'll have to do it from the workstation, as there's no option to change difficulty from the main menu settings area.

What you need to do is head to the Settings menu. Then, to change the AI difficulty, you need select the Simulation Settings tab. That'll bring up the options to change the difficulty slider, how damage works, and whether you have to do manual race starts or not.

f1 22, change difficulty
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AI difficulty will have the greatest impact on how hard you find F1 22, but there are other options you'll want to change to tweak it perfectly.

If you then head to the Assists tab in the Settings menu, you will find the Diving Proficiency setting that alters various assists, such as DRS, anti-lock braking, steering assists, and more.

f1 22, change difficulty
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You'll also be able to set Adaptive AI on here to help keep the difficulty more consistent in some modes. It will make it so that the likes of Monaco and Baku aren't significantly more challenging than the more open race tracks. It cannot be used with all levels of difficulty, however.

You will likely need to play around with the difficulty levels and assists to get them just right, but after a few races, you should have it perfect. You may just comfortably win a few races, or maybe embarrass yourself for one or two before you get it right.

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