F1 22: How to Change Race Length

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f1 22, change race length

The newly released F1 22 is a fairly hardcore racing simulator, but you can always tweak some settings to make it easier to manage. Driving a full regulation race will often be exhausting, so you may want to change the race length in F1 22 to make it a little shorter. Thankfully, we've got a guide to help you out with doing just that.

You may also want to make races longer than the default to see all of the new features in F1 22. The pit stops and safety car periods can now be experienced in broadcast mode too, which you won't see if you're playing with really short races.


If you're looking for more on F1 22, we have guides on how to play in VR, who the best drivers are in this year's game, and what you need to do to set adaptive AI, which is a new feature for the 2022 version.

How Do I Change the F1 22 Race Length?

Thankfully, Codemasters has made it a little easier to change race length in this year's game.

You don't have to do it from the settings menu anymore. Instead, you get the choice to change the session length between parts of a race weekend.


If you head to the workstation in any solo mode, you'll see that the top right of the screen is taken up by the session details, including how long the race will be. You won't be able to change it until the actual race part of the weekend, but it's nice and easy once that time arrives.

f1 22, change race length

With the Session Length option selected, you just need to press X to cycle through the options until you have the one you want. Below are all the different race length options you can pick from in F1 22.

  • Short - 5 laps
  • Medium - 25% of standard race distance
  • Long - 50% of standard race distance
  • Full length of the real-world Grand Prix

To see how many laps those percentages relate to, you can see them in the Grand Prix schedule at the bottom of the screen. 25% will generally be between 12 and 18 laps, while 50% will be around 35 laps.

Changing the race length in F1 22 will alter the setting for all subsequent races. So if you want to revert back to your previous setting, you'll have to do it yourself once more.