How To Unlock Characters in Evil Dead

Pablo Bolivar and Ash Williams standing side by side

Pablo Bolivar and Ash Williams standing side by side

Evil Dead is a new horror game with a lot to offer. There’s a lot to try out and unlock, including additional survivors. In total, there are 13 survivors you can play with. However, when you first boot up the game, you only have access to nine of them. The others have to be unlocked. We’re here to run you through how to unlock characters in Evil Dead, so that you’re not wasting time.

There are four classes in Evil Dead, and the 13 survivors fall into one of four classes. Each class has a unique skill tree that you can level up. You can also upgrade survivors by upgrading their abilities and spending spirit points.

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Evil Dead: The Game, cover art featuring four of the in-game characters
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Evil Dead The Game cover art

How To Unlock Characters in Evil Dead

There are 13 survivors in total, but you start the game with only nine of them unlocked. To unlock them, you have to undertake very difficult solo missions, where there are no checkpoints or respawns. If you fail them, you have to go straight back to the start. There are five missions in total that you have to complete to unlock all of the remaining survivors. Each survivor will have their own mission requirement.

There is a “coming soon” slot on the mission screen, which means there may be more survivors or additional solo content coming.

Ash Williams in the Evil Dead: The Game, with the Starz skin, evil dead, unlock characters
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Ash Williams

Unlocking Ash Williams

Mission Requirement: Complete “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw.”

Class: Leader

There are already multiple versions of Ash Williams in the Evil Dead, but this is the Evil Dead 2 version of Ash Williams that you will be playing as. This mission reenacts some of the scenes from the film. This mission will take about 20-25 minutes.

There is also the older version of Ash Williams from the Starz show that you can unlock by doing the first mission, “Party Down!” in single-player mode.

In this mission, you have to find Linda’s necklace, dig up her possessed head and banish the demon that still possesses her body. Once you’ve completed it successfully, you’ll unlock Ash and he’ll be ready for multiplayer.

Four of the Evil Dead: The Game characters, featuring Lord Arthur and Ash Williams, unlock characters
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Four of the Evil Dead characters

Unlocking Amanda Fisher

Mission Requirement: Complete “Kill ‘Em All.”

Class: Hunter

Amanda Fisher originates from Ash Vs. The Evil Dead. She can be unlocked by completing the mission “Kill ‘Em All.” This is the third mission out of the five you will have to complete. You get to play as Army of Darkness Ash. To be successful at this mission, you need quick reflexes. This mission will take about 10-15 minutes.

First, search through the barn for plenty of ammo, amulets, and healing items. Then, you will have to drive to three different locations in a set order to kill a horde of Deadites. As long as you are conservative with your resources, you’ll do just fine.

Pablo Bolivar and Ash Williams in Evil Dead: The Game
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Pablo Bolivar and Ash Williams

Unlocking Pablo Bolivar

Mission requirements: Complete “It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!”

Class: Support

Pablo Bolivar fights back against evil alongside Ash in the Starz show. To unlock him, you need to complete the fourth mission, “It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!”

In this mission, you get to play as Pablo. This is one of the longer missions, but also one of the easier missions if you’re good at stealth. There are multiple stealth sections that you’ll have to work your way through, and by the end of the mission you meet up with Ash again after working your way through a crowd of Deadites.

Pablo is now unlocked to play in Survivors vs Demons modes.

Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game, in two alternate skins.
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Lord Arthur

Unlocking Lord Arthur

Mission requirements: Complete “Homecoming King.”

Class: Leader

The last unlockable survivor is earned by completing the final mission. Lord Arthur is seen in Army of Darkness. In this mission, you get to play as the wondrous Lord Arthur himself.

Lord Arthur has been transported in time and wishes to return. To do so, he needs to find a Kandarian Dagger to open up a time rift with the Necronomicon. On your journey, you’ll find Lord Arthur’s sword and really be able to do some damage to the Deadites. Once the mission is completed, Arthur will be unlocked.

That is how to unlock all of the remaining survivors. If you like Evil Dead, you’ll love Dead by Daylight. We have an article on Chapter 24, so you can find out all the newest information. Or, if you like to play evil, take a look at our best killers tier list.

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