Dead By Daylight Chapter 24: Release Date Confirmed, The Dredge, and Everything We Know

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May 31, 2022: We now have the official information on Chapter 24! Chapter 24 is soon to be released.

Chapter 23 has not long been released, but chapter 24 is swirling in the minds of fans of Dead by Daylight. They want to know who's next for the game. Who can they expect to be hooking them next, or who should they be surviving as now?

Right now, we are still enjoying and learning the ins and outs of Sadako and the true powers that she carries as a killer. However, what will be next for us in the next killer? Will BHVR be announcing anything soon? Fans are hoping for something substantial soon.

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The Dredge Perks in Dead by Daylight
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The Dredge Perks

When Is The Chapter 24 Release Date?

Chapter 24: Roots of Dread will be released on June 7, coming to all platforms!

What Killer Is Coming To Chapter 24?

The Dredge is a formless manifestation with twisted limbs hiding in the shadows. He comes with a "the monster under the bed" approach.

The Dredge is able to teleport between lockers and pull survivors straight out of them, which is a rather powerful ability to have. He is known as being the manifestation of dark thoughts of a once vibrant community. He afflicts healing survivors with blindness and exhaustion.

The Dredge is also supposedly a mentor of Herman Carter, and his real name is Otto Stamper. He was found as the only survivor in the institute in a vegetative state by the Doctor before he was taken away by the Entity.

It's important to note that these are just leaks and that these could change at any given time depending on what is announced by BHVR.

The Dredge also has a special ability where he can cast the survivors into total darkness for 60 seconds, and he can teleport faster. If survivors manage to destroy the remnant in this time, nightfall ends quicker.

The Dredge, new killer in Dead by Daylight
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The Dredge, Dead By Daylight

What Survivor Is Coming to Chapter 24?

Haddie Kaur is the new survivor coming to Chapter 24. She was born in India, but moved to Quebec with her family when she was a child. Her biological parents were killed in a car crash, so she was raised by a close friend of her parents. Haddie explored the paranormal early on in life, powering her with courage, determination, and a bit of morbid curiousity.

Fans may have recognised her from the Archives and can now play her as a survivor.

What Map Is Coming to Chapter 24?

The Garden of Joy is the new map coming to Chapter 24. It looks like a scenic paradise, but really it's a quaint American town hiding big secrets.

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